OCR03564 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 "The Long War"

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Man, my expectations were through the roof for one of my favorite songs of one of my favorite games before I read djpretzel's review, and MAN am I happy to report that this mix somehow lived up to the hype and THEN some! I cannot, I cannot, describe how wonderful this mix is. It just keeps rewarding you as it goes along. The long opening is perfect for such a song, but I was floored by so many choices; the transition of 1:45-2:15 was breathtaking; the near shutdown and trudging on at 2:55-3:12; the different handling of 3:50-4:07, it's all just special and precise and unique. This remix has a quality and a touch to it that is once just out of the corner of your eye and yet hits you right in the face, like a mirage in the desert that keeps leading you on, only this one rewards you with the sweet touch of music to your ears. What a mix. I loved this so much. What a performance.

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