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Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Remix: Knights and Magic

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Hello OCR Community.

I made a cool Remix and many people already liked it, so I found your site to show this song to more people out there. YOU'LL LOVE IT! (even if you never played HoMM3)

Song already uploaded on my website -> check it out!


Author: Paul Ograbisz

Album (not finished): The Unrecognized Powers

Song: Knights and Magic

Genre: House

Size: 1.650 MB

Lenght: 1:45 min

Bitrate: 128 kbps

Location: http://people.freenet.de/vultracide/pp04.html (click on number "01" at bottom -> Download) Please do not link directly to my mp3.

Info: http://people.freenet.de/vultracide/pdateien/The_Unrecognized_Powers.txt


Yours Faithfully,

Paul Roman Ograbisz.



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this is supposed to be in the WiP forum, I think.

BTW, nice website, and very interesting mix. I don't think I've heard anything like it on OCR before. It uses a lot of samples from the game, but in a very creative way. I doubt this would make it past the judges unless you manage to make it less monotonous - I love House, but the genre in itself doesn't really fit into the OCR cliché, unless you add some female vocals (ok, personal preference), a steadier 4-on-the-floor section and a chorus of some kind, plus a breakdown and all of that... As a genre, House is probably too repetitive for this site's standards, I think, but I personally thought the song was really cool and would certainly like to hear a longer version of it. This is just an intro, and I don't know what you had in mind for the rest for the song, but I'd love to find out.

Nice work!

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The Remix is made of Sounds from the game. (Samples with a length of few seconds) There is no song like this in the game. Maybe I'm gonna make it longer someday, but I prefer short songs because even people who don't like the genre will be able to listen to it without being bored.

Maybe I posted it too quick, as I was so damn happy to find a forum where game remixes are made... but thanks for your reply! Next remixes will be StarCraft and Morrowind maybe... but thats another story.

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