Best place for vinyl pressing?

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So around the net there are a ton of places that offer custom vinyl pressings and I was wondering what everyone's opinion is on which one is the best for record/sound quality as well as quality of the slips.

I one day want to make music and put it on vinyl, but I want it to be of the best quality possible.

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While I don't venture into the realm of vinyl much myself, that may only be answered by trying a pressing yourself, or by checking out which vinyl releases are up to your standards, track down the publisher on them and see if that information is made available or simply contact them for who or what pressing they use for it.

There likely isn't one single entity that provides "the best" of those things anymore. Back in the much earlier days of record pressings and audio production there were companies that were easier to namedrop when you wanted the best because that equipment and its availability was not widespread. Today it's globalized and much more ubiquitous, therefore many pressing places will offer comparable quality for the release you want because the science behind it has now been conquered and standardized. After that, it'll pretty much just boil down to your personal taste; one professional pressing place's audio quality may not differ too much from another and it's pretty much impossible that your listeners will be able to tell that it's from this pressing company or not that pressing company. All they will hear is "WOW, these tracks sound GREAT on vinyl!"

So just look around some of the vinyl releases that fit your personal taste, give it a few months to ferment and toss around and go from there.

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