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Does this sample technically count?


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I have a remix that I would like to submit, however the song does use voice samples from Kingdom Hearts. Based on the submission guidelines, its prohibitive to submit with something that contains samples from Square Enix properties, however isn't Kingdom Hearts "technically" a Disney property? Yeah I know I'm splitting hairs here maybe, but just ruling out all my options lol.

Just trying to find a work around. If not, then it's all good.

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Not a bad question, but that's no-go, as Darkesword said

If it were from one of the Disney characters, though, perhaps sampling a Disney property could be a useful workaround? It feels weird suggesting sampling the largest media company in the world rather than Square Enix, but them's the ropes 'round here.

Otherwise, er, perhaps a good impersonation is in order? Ask around; you never know, someone might really pull through.

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