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Canon in Melody (MOTHER, Eight Melodies)


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I don't consider myself a musician, but I found myself trying a few things last year, based on a hunch. I wasn't really trying hard, but I've only managed to receive one or two pieces of feedback, in all of that time. Finding a forum feels quite difficult... but my latest bit of music is a game remix, and I know for sure that I can post here for feedback.

For a while now I've had a hunch that the Eight Melodies could be played as a canon, and this is my attempt at it.

I don't care what kind of feedback I get, as I simply need to know if what I'm doing is interesting. Though I'll point out that I have practically no experience in music and its software, so the mixing is probably bad. You are also free to skip the first 24 seconds of this song – that portion sounds deliberately bad, and is there to highlight how I've improved with Vocaloid. If someone thinks this is interesting enough to submit to OCReMix, I'll replace the intro. Otherwise, I don't really plan on submitting it at all.



I think it mostly works. After the standard time-delayed canon, I removed the canon on a whim to reveal that it's still (mostly) in harmony. I then lead out with a proportional canon, and... I think it still works?

Original Song: 


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I think it works great! And yes, I think it's interesting and you should submit it. The melody does stick to the source very closely, but since you added vocal/instrument harmony I think it would still meet the arrangement guidelines.

Anyway, as you suspected, I think the mix needs some improvement. The strings are too far in the background. I would like them to be a little more prominent.

Great work!

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