Beware of when purchasing musical instruments

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I dont do such posts but after having 2 terrible first time experiences with in which they delayed both my orders by months i am notifying others to stay away from this scam online vendor. They dont have items in stock and would make you wait for months for the item to be shipped as it happened with me. Whatever musical instrument you wanna buy online just dont go with them. They also seem to be buying fake good reviews on to deceive potential customers.

Just dont for this nightmare of a seller or you will regret like me. Mods plzz keep this post up cause i dont want others to get into the hassle i got into.

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I'd never buy any physical, expensive piece of music gear from an online retailer unless it also has an actual retail location. Mostly for this reason.

In terms of software, buy as much as possible from the 1st party vendor. 

Lots of fishy "distributors" out there or just a pain in the ass. Like, I had bought Cinebrass on a Best Service sale.

But to get the updates, I had to go through this BS with my receipt because Best Service doesn't distribute the updates. Luckily, I thought to keep the email with the proof of purchase.

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