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How to install vst plugin external hard drive?

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Can you explain the problem in greater detail? I haven't used a Mac in 20 years, but depending on what kind of VST you're trying to run, it may just be a simple question of having the actual samples on the external hard drive and having your DAW or VST plugin recognize the filepath. That's what I do for my Kontakt and EWQL samples.

And if it's not sample-based, it might just kinda be pointless in the first place. If it's just a synth or effects plugin, you should have plenty of space on your computer to run it. If it's a question of making it portable, a big name brand program will probably have copy protection to make it irrelevant, and one without copy-protection would likely just need to be installed to any other computer you hope to use it with.

I'm just hypothesizing in lieu of greater detail - hopefully this answer is somewhat helpful to you since no one else bothered to write up for it.

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It is always best, in my experience, to leave as much room as possible on the HDD with the operating system on it to the task of running the OS. So even if it isn't samples, it's still worth it. That being said, you just install the samples/vsts to the drive like you would just as if you were installing it to the internal HDD. Obviously, to use them, you'll need to have the drive plugged and have your DAW select that path.

If it's for samples, a USB3 or whatever the Mac Equivalent is (Thunderbolt?) SSD is absolutely the best choice. 

I don't know how I ever lived without an SSD.

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