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Naming a track in a non-clickbaity way

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I'm working on a new track at the moment that has two main points that I want to convey in the title:

1) It's an orchestral 'credits-style' arrangement for a game that hasn't been released yet.

2) It incorporates three tunes from three different games from the same series.

What tags (e.g. 'remix' or 'medley' etc.) might be most appropriate?

<Edited to remove crap and get to the point.>

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Yeah, you better listen to Meteo, he knows what he says :D I can't really help here, though. Maybe something like "A nod to what you've probably already heard in concerto, but it's not over yet". It may sound dumb, but hey, at least it's funny. I mean, I like when I come across such titles in VGM.

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10 minutes ago, Meteo Xavier said:

That's because you lack imagination and spherical-shaped testes, jub-jub

8O How dare you, sir. Bob is a revered and respected name, given to all sorts of perfectly intelligent and properly-endowed people. Many such Bobs have gone on to do wonderful and important things - in fact, we in Canada almost had an entire province named Bob. It's beautiy is in its simplicity; I'm sure there are many folks here who have a Bob in their life that has been an inspiration to them - what better place to pay homage to a great name than a great song?

Now that I think about it - A Bombastic Bruhaha Blasting a Blasphemer of Bob wouldn't be bad either, would it? :grin:

Still like yours, though. ;)

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