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89 - SGDQ2018, RMRW, and OC Playlist: Emotional Memories

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Between the millions of dollars collected for charity during Summer Games Done Quick and a Playlist of emotional memories, this episode of the OverClocked PodCast just might cause you to shed a tear or two. Also, there's bluegrass music!

ReMix ReWind:

ReMixers: Andrew Thompson, Kristy Mezines, Fernando Valencia
Game: Chrono Trigger
Title: "Elements of Time"

ReMixers: Magnetic Ether
Game: The Cat Lady
Title: "Lady in Black"

ReMixer: 3POP
Game: Sonic the Hedgehog
Title: "Supersonic"

ReMixer: Hakstok
Game: Tekken 7
Title: "Heat Haze Shadow"

ReMixers: McVaff
Game: Final Fantasy VII
Title: "Cosmo"

ReMixer: Argle
Game: Super Mario RPG
Title: "Riptide Rush"

ReMixer: dannyshock
Game: Super Metroid
Title: "Save the Animals"

ReMixer: Zack Parrish, Jeff Ball
Game: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Title: "All That Remains"

ReMixer: Matt Menefee
Game: Kirby's Epic Yarn
Title: "Blue Lava, Grass Landing!"


The Playlist: Songs That Bring Back Emotional Memories

“Triage at Dawn" from Half-Life 2, submitted by Dell
“Final Battle Theme / vs Rival" from Pokemon Red & Blue, submitted by Dell
“Reminiscence" from Suikoden 2, performed by the Symphonic Gamers Orchestra, submitted by Jorito
“Sammer's Kingdom" from Super Paper Mario, submitted by Patchpen
“Intro" from Sonic Adventure, submitted by Black Doom
“Farther Away" from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers in Time and Darkness, submitted by Systems Ready
“The Sun Rises" from Okami, submitted by Systems Ready
“Time to Part Ways" from Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, submitted by timaeus222
“Staff Roll" from Super Mario 64, submitted by Jeffro12
“Time's Scar" from Chrono Cross, submitted by Jeffro 12
“Eyes on Me" from Final Fantasy VIII, arranged for the Final Fantasy Orchestral Album, submitted by Fenix Down
“The Last Scene" from Sonic Adventure 2, submitted by Stephen
“Sprouting" from Final Fantasy X, submitted by Earth Kid

Next Week's Playlist: Remixes from games

Extra info:

Episode script: FenixDown and Eino
Hosting: Patchpen
Editing: Mr. Jack Barton
Thanks to everyone who submitted Playlist recommendations and feedback!

Twitter: @OCRpodcast




Google Play:




OverClocked ReMix is dedicated to the appreciation and promotion of video game music as an art form. Learn more at!

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Let me reiterate that playlist theme: Game music that is a rearrangement of game music! edit: In a game. It should be a part of a game soundtrack. How is this this hard ...

Edited by evktalo
attempt at clarification

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