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Need Help On Computer Assigment..... PLease?


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Okay here's the situation, I have a few schoolwork

due and my mind right now is a bit full of craps and

I can't think of anything for my work, can you guys

help out?

I Need to find out on people's opinion on which is

the best laptop for a student, with a limited budget

of $1,800. So tell me which is your choice outof all

the brands out there. Thankz

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uhh limited at $1800 8O

Don't get Compaq, Dell or Sony. Compaq have horrible reliability. The Dell laptops coming out the past few years only last for about 2 years tops. On most of them their hard drives fail and ur shit outta luck. Sony ur just payin too much for the name.

HP's r pretty good but ur playin Russian Roullette, bc every now and then u get a stinker.

I'd say ur safest bet is gateway or IBM. If ur a MAC guy and you just wanna a computer for basic home use. You know just writing papers and surfing the web go with a MAC. MAC's are made for home use.

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