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Trouble with Gamecube via VGA


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My friend loaned me his Gamecube -> vga adapter, so I plugged it into my monitor and loaded up Twilight Princess. I properly enabled progressive scan mode in the dark, because video showed up. The "Don't play this if you get seizures" and the "Dolby Digital" messages came up crystal clear, making me very happy. However...

As the title screen for Twilight Princess came up, I noticed about ten to thirteen 1 cm thick vertical scanlines. I didn't just notice them, they stood out. I'm on an LG 19" LCD monitor. Is there ANYTHING I can do to get rid of these stupid scanlines?

EDIT: It isn't just ten to thirteen scanlines. And they aren't 1cm thick. They're just regular scanlines, and there's a bunch of them. But why are they standing out?

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