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54 minutes ago, Vlok said:

Anyone knows what happening with the remixes of site ? I can't use any mirror to download a mix just all mirrors dosen't do the download.

Anyone knows how they fix it ? 

@djpretzel @Liontamer 

Gonna have to get more specific than that. What's specifically happening when you try to download? What browser and OS are you using?

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 so it is that I am from Brazil, and here already appearing this message of "waiting for the network" but in any connection that I use, wi fi no matter the place appears this. I do my downloads by mobile device, and in the three download links this message appears as if it were preventing the download. I've never had this problem before to download and now this is appearing it.Please if you know anything about. 

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I tested a little bit: https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03894

I noticed the blueblue.fr link having some issue for this track. I didn't get "waiting for network" but the track never loaded.

I tried an older mix, and no problem there for that mirror: https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01219 So it might be something with recent uploads on blueblue.fr.

But you say all three links have this problem for you? Which remixes did you try this with? Do you have the same problem with old remixes and new ones?

What phone OS, what browser? iOS, android? Safari, Firefox, Chrome, something else?

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