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MML - Oh Sweet Defeat (Completed)

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Bah, yet another Mega Man Legends remix. xD

Anyways, this one is a steadily growing popular one over at MMLS (www.legends-station.com). The thing about this track is that it's not really a remix...but still acts like it's a remix. It's really just the original track and then how I would imagine the rest of the track would be, if it were to have more added on to it. The reason it seems like a remix is that the basic ideas of my ideas were based on the original track. And...I'm almost getting fingered tied, so enough talking from me. xD

Click here to download

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I like the string samples, the piano sounds alright, but I'm sure someone else might say something about it. It's a decent song, but since it's an original I really don't have anything else to compare it back to.

If you're still going to work on it I would suggest a slower more drawn out ending, like by using the arpeggios again on the guitar but slower and more dynamically and ending on the same chord, except longer, on the piano. If not though, the regular ending is good.

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