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Hello :)

I'm sharing my latest piano piece(s) with you. From the SoundCloud description:


This is my latest piano creation, born out of improvisations. I'm starting to notice a pattern in how I compose my songs and am reaching that point where I feel like I need to break from that pattern. For one thing, I want to start writing longer pieces with more parts and variations.
This particular piece can be seen as two pieces really. The second part (after a short period of silence) has a different feel, but I managed to connect it back to the first part somewhat. In that sense I consider it as one whole.

The title is a reference to the current moment in my life where I feel like I'm standing at the end of a long process of struggling with my disabilities (health) and at the same time at a new beginning. A beginning with more trust in God and reliance on Him to guide me.
The title also marks a new beginning I want to make in terms of my musical productions. It will probably be the last piano piece I write this year and it will make a fitting end to my first album that I'm trying to compile.

Enjoy :)


I may also release another version with solo violin added to it in the near future.

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Congrats on hitting a new beginning in life and remixing, then! I know from my goofy music history that branching out and trying new things has benefitted me in my work. New instruments, new styles, new objectives, and the rest. This piece is sweet and gentle, looking forward to hearing your new direction in future songs. Keep at it.

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