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VGM Transcriptions/Sheet Music Arrangements for Your Use (MIDI Files Available)

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Hello, ReMixers. I'm thinking some of you may find my VGM transcriptions/sheet music arrangements useful.


Here is a list of the ones I've done so far:

  • My Lover—The Revenge of Shinobi [Mega Drive/Genesis]
  • Chinatown—The Revenge of Shinobi [Mega Drive/Genesis]
  • Terrible Beat—The Revenge of Shinobi [Mega Drive/Genesis]
  • Metal Squad [Stage 8]—Thunder Force IV [Mega Drive/Genesis]
  • Mission 4—Gaiares [Mega Drive/Genesis]
  • Mission 7/Boss 1—Gaiares [Mega Drive/Genesis]
  • Mission 8—Gaiares [Mega Drive/Genesis]
  • The Execution Ground [Level 1]—Ghouls 'n Ghosts [CPS-1]
  • A Kiss for Geese—Fatal Fury [MVS/AES]
  • Title Screen—RoboCop [ZX Spectrum 128/CPC 464/Commodore 64/Game Boy]


I have video scores of them in this YouTube playlist:


And I have scores of them on my MuseScore sheet music page here, which you can download as MIDI files:



Have a nice day. :)

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