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Rhythm Quest - An indie music game by DDRKirby(ISQ)


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Hi all!  I'm posting this topic to announce my upcoming 9-bit chiptune music game, Rhythm Quest!

Rhythm Quest logo

Wishlist on Steam now!

Rhythm Quest is a 2-button rhythm platformer game developed by DDRKirby(ISQ). (that's me!)  Jump, attack, and fly to the beat to get past challenging obstacles in this rhythm-based twist on a traditional "runner" game.

I'm personally handling all aspects of the game, including coding, music, game design, artwork, and production.  In particular, being both the composer and level designer has allowed me to create music tracks that are mapped out specifically to provide call-outs to obstacles in the game.

Check it out in action in the gameplay trailer!

Each type of enemy requires different button sequences to defeat:



Wings offer extra mid-air jumps, while flight paths require you to hold down the jump button:



Speed zones change up the rhythm of the song:



Rhythm Quest will release on Steam/itch.io for PC/Mac/Linux, as well as iOS/Android, and Nintendo Switch.  My estimated release date is currently late 2022 (?), but well...you all know how release dates can be for game projects [knocks on wood].


I've just recently published the steam page for the game, so I'd really appreciate it if you would check it out, wishlist, and share with anyone else who you think might be interested!

If you're interested in following along with the development of the game, you can check out the devlog on Medium.

You can also follow along on Twitter, or join the Discord server to get notified whenever a new devlog article comes out.  I also have an official website for the game.

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