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What brass do you use?

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Victoria's Secret. High quality fibers.


It used to be so incredibly hard to find good brass samples, for some reason, though I think the quality has improved much over the past few years. Now I hear about Sam Horns all the time, and how awesome they are.

If you're looking for free, you're outta luck. Maybe you can get Squidfont to sound good? It's happened before :D

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I also use SAM Trumpets, and I fill out the rest of the brass with the excellent SAM solo sections, which is a great tool if you can't afford the whole package.

In terms of free or cheap stuff, it's a desert though. Sil's right about brass sampling being great, but if you aren't willing to pay money, it's a different story entirely - free brass is way behind the free strings and free woodwinds that are around. Last I checked, Project SAM had a free demo of it's Solo Sections library, which, if you tweak around in Kontakt or Giga Studio, gives some great results. If you ever heard my (pretty awful) Kefka in Brass remix, which as far as I know was the only remix anyone's ever made entirely for marching brass, then you've heard the free Project Sam samples. I didn't know what the hell I was doing at the time, but in terms of pure sample quality, it still beat the snot out of any free soundfonts I heard.

That's provided that you have Kontakt or Giga studio - and Kontakt comes with a selection of VSL instruments, which includes a pretty decent brass section. If you don't have either of those.... good luck to ya. You can get away with Florestan French Horns, but it's best to keep your trumpet and trombone writing to the bare minimum. If you are willing to pay, I personally think Kontakt 2 is one of the best audio products you can ever buy, if you're a student. I think the student price is $180? It's one hell of a sampler, and it comes with sounds that are as good as any of the $2000+ keyboard workstations that I've tried. Particularly in the orchestral department (although it won't be as good as a dedicated library).

I've also used the EWQLSO Silver brass, which I've found prett decent, and much better than what's in the Garritan demos. But neither come anywhere near SAM.

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If you want the SAM Brass, you better already have a sampler. No players included.

If you want marching sounds, wait. Within a month or so Garritan is coming out with a Marching Band library. I have yet to see another library that works well for that, so it may be worth waiting for. It will include a sample player.

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