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OCR04476 - F-Zero & F-Zero GX "Project Blue"

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oooh, I love this! It's all the little details that jump out to me. The little arpeggios at 0:46, the bass and chords in the next few measures from 0:56ish, the changes to the original chord progression around 1:10ish.... actually, the chords and bass throughout are really cool. Transitions are not where I'd expect them, but still somehow all in exactly the right place. Production is exactly the right level of loud and in your face.


Excellent mix!

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6.5 years since the last track...too long, give us more!

The detailed synth work and interplay of variation on rhythm is superb. Very enjoyable, and it's gonna be tough to get this earworm out of my head.  The chip arps are a particular stand-out for me as they seem to come out of nowhere, but feel like they belong.  This track would not be the same without them.  Awesome work!

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