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I made a Metal Gear Music Video


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Quite frankly... not much.

I'm not trying to b an asshole here, but there's nothing about this at all that makes me think "huh, intersting," or even "maybe I will watch it all the way through." I couldn't. It's just boring. Nothing in the video matches up in any way with the music. There's no punch, or even a tickle. It's flat.

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When making an AMV, I find it that if you use an epic song, it's very difficult not to get it boring. Some videos out there survive on the song alone, because people don't think too often about the connection between music and video. Songs like "Requiem for a dream" always make videos sound awesome, no matter what it is. Then the video editing doesn't usually matter. Or, you could use cool video things like clips from FFVII: Advent Children, and everyone will be impressed by that aswell. That, too, is false praise I think.

To get a good connection between the song and the video, you can do one of the following:

Use a song with a certain beat to it, or that has stonger beats here and there in it, and then sync up events with those (for example if there is an extra hard beat somewhere, you can sync up someone getting punched in the face with it, or maybe an explosion).

Example: My own first AMV, where I spent hours trying to find a good song to use.

Another way to do it is to have lyrics in the song, that describe things that you can show visually with clips from the game/anime, and therefor tell the "story" of the song, using the game/anime.

Example: My second AMV.

All made in Adobe Premiere (which I learned slowly during the process of making these)

And sorry for the pimpage, I just thought they might make good examples.

And, ofcourse, there are lots of other ways to make good AMVs, but these are the ones I've used.

Hope any of this helped.

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