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Best Soft Synth for Cakewalk Sonar

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Hey guys, long time listener, first time remixer. I'm working on a song (Assault on Kefka's Tower), a remix of Kefka's Tower from FF6. The problem is, for the most part, it seems everyone is of the opinion the instruments are of low quality.


Thats the song. The instruments were all run through Cakewalks own Dimension Pro and Garriton Pocket Orchestra set. I thought it sounded good, but its my first time, so obviously that doesn't matter. My question is, if not Dimension Pro, what should I be doing to improve the instrument quality. The instruments are...

Track 1: Violin/String (Main Melody)

Track 2: Timpani

Track 3: Woodwind Section (Clarinet/Oboe) (Main Melody/Sub Melody)

Track 4: Snare

Track 5: Flute (Counter Melody)

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Dim Pro's instruments are pretty nice already - most likely you need to learn how to sequence them well and use nice reverbs and whatnot. Someone more into orchestration can help you out - the problem isn't with your sample collection (though there is nicer stuff out there).

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It does sound rather lo-fi though. You can't really improve the instrument quality per se, because they are recorded as is, but I also don't know how good the Pocket Orchestra is supposed to sound, if at all better than this. I know Personal Orchestra can sound much better (see Abadoss). The composition isn't very dynamic for one, and it sounds like you're not getting a very good high and low end response, like old AM radio (which is usually replicated with a mid-range band pass filter that cuts the high and low) Maybe it has something to do with how you are running them through Dimension Pro, I'm not sure. Panning seems really centered as well.

Sorry if my suggestions seem scatter-brained.

You do have a nice little arrangement going though.

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