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Total Annihilation Intro


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1. Please mention the game whose soundtrack you are requesting a ReMix from in your topic title - if applicable, please include the specific track name.

Never was a soundtrack, it was a cd, and the soundtrack was hidden in the game cd that needed to be extracted, but it was still soundtrack in how it was set.

2. If you are making multiple requests in the same post, please mention the first game title in your topic title, and indicate that additional games are mentioned by adding ". . . more".

No only one, just one, but hell you do whatever you want, I just want this intro song in the movie I show later

3. Please don't post ReQuests for a specific ReMixer only - email them directly or if they are registered on these boards, send them a private message.


4. Other things you might include in your ReQuest: genre (i.e. 'techno', 'jazz', 'hip-hop', etc.), link to original track (in case the ReMixer can't find it), and a simple 'thank you'.

Genre: hmm, its like atomic orchestra to start with so it'd have to be fast paced, thats about all i know about genre. XD

5. Remember: there are no guarantees that ReQuests will be answered in a given time frame, or ever. No matter how much a given track or game needs or deserves coverage, it may not happen.

Thats true, no one listens to a person with like 5 posts anyway, but theres always a chance for at least just a response of saying no would be nice. This game needs, but is deprived because its not heard.

6. Always remember to take a quick look around and make sure no one requested the same game or track three posts below yours.

Umm, that failed miserably, your better off with lizard porn. 0_o


- djpretzel

ur welcomes

Addendum I:

7. Do not post requests for music directly from the games themselves or professionally released arrangements (i.e. The Black Mages). This forum is for making requests to the remixers for a song you would like to see remixed.

Ok not directly, you can find the sound file or track, from http://fileuniverse.com/?p=show&a=cat&id=65 and you can see the intro movie which has the song i want remixed from the game, which isn't music directly from the game itself, its a movie from 1996.

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