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Putting a song of yours there is pretty simple. First, you need someplace to upload the song to. There are quite a few places that are free, like Geocities, yousendit, and others. Just type "Free file hosting" into Google, sign up for one of the sites you find, and you'll be all set for uploading. Once you have your song uploaded, you can make a thread in the WIP forum (the "New Thread" button along the top or bottom), and post a link to that song for others to listen to (you'll get a link to the file you uploaded from the file hosting site you put it on).

As for listening to the WIPs already in that forum, just go into a thread there, click on the link to a given song, and save it to your PC (right-click with your mouse, and select "Save target as" or "Save link as" or whatever your option may say).

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