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Searching for a MIDI

Blackwinged Saron

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i used to have a MIDI of "Reincarnation" rom Tekkaman Blade, but alas, like a dumbass, I deleted it when i reformatted without a backup of it. I have tried desparately to find it again, but to no avail. I need help looking for it. I just cant find an english site with it. If anyone can find it, please send the file or a link to my email (melvinmanx@yahoo.com). Please, very much thank you.

The person who finds it is a google GOD!

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The odds of you finding it in midi format these days are slim to none and most people weren't really big fans of the show anyway.

You could probably ask around the Anime ReMix site/forums (if they have the latter) but really, the most likely scenario is that you'll have to transcribe it yourself or something.

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