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In Dev: Nintiny VSTi

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Nintiny VSTi

Nintiny VSTi is an NES/Famicom sound emulator VSTi I'm working on. My ultimate goal is to accurately recreate the sound and feel of the 2A03 sound processor. The finished plugin will have two flavors: the tiny, and the not-so-tiny. The tiny will be one channel, and you will be able to select which waveform you wish. The not-so-tiny will be 5 channels, one for each of the four wave channels and one 1-bit DPCM channel with variable sampling rates from 4.2khz to 33.5khz that will bit crush/decimate whatever samples you import.

Download Current Version - v0.03b


v0.03b - 04/15/07 - Made some minor adjustments to the GUI

v0.03a - 04/15/07 - Added a cheesey NES style GUI

v0.02b - 04/14/07 - Added a second pulse channel, tweaked portamento settings a bit. Currently the second pulse channel is no different from the first, and is just there for completeness' sake.

v0.02a - 04/14/07 - Added some relatively accurate duty cycle settings. Note that like the original NES, they do not affect the triangle channel.

v0.01 - 04/14/07 - It exists! Currently one pulse and one triangle channel. The triangle channel is unaffected by velocity (purposely, for accuracy).

// post your comments, requests, etc!

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Ugh, this was made in SynthEdit? It's as though everything made in that tool suffers from a tiny attack envelope that can't be altered. I just can't get over it.

It can be altered, I just haven't added it yet (there's not enough room on the tiny ass GUI until I make smaller less gay controls that don't look like the underside of my scrotum)

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