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i dunno who really listens to these on a regular basis, but it'd be great if i could get an opinion on this piece. it sounded better through an equalizer ROCK setting, but it recorded better at the default setting (POP). any comments'd be great. thanks. the quality of the recording is kinda iffy at the moment. i STILL haven't perfected the the "full body" sound yet. also, i screwed up on a reverse cymbal rise, but it doesn't matter on the WIP i guess.



i didn't really put much of a description for this, huh? it's uhh...hmm...i guess it's just hard to describe...

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I'm liking the percussion at the beginning. Cool choirs. haha 8 bitish stuff, neat.

Something sounds muddy though.. either the bass, or maybe its how the drums are panned. or a mix of the two.

All in all, I liked it. There is just something there during the song that doesnt sound right. I think it has something to do with the drums.

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i get ya. i think it's that wierd thing i used that just plays in the left side (or ear, for me). it kinda clutters with the rest, and i might dissolve the choir vibrato a bit too, or take it out entirely. this isn't prime recording, but i don't think i can sample at an insane rate like i wanna.

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