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4' x 4' Jigglypuff Made of Starburst Wrappers


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Yeah.. no seriously I feel pretty retarded... but where the hell are the "other forums?"

ever since I joined this site I've just clicked on community discussion on the homepage to take me to what I thought were all the threads.

Edit: Just found the fucking link at the top of the page for the first time. WTF

how do you access that page from the home page?

ANYWAY. How the hell do you get the idea to pull something like that... (starburst picture)

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Just go to the upper right corner, near the video game character icon. Under all those letters, you'll see "community" Scroll over it to get a drop down box. Go down to forums, and a second box will appear with all the forums on it. Offtopic is there, along with the other forums.

Since this thread is t3h doomed, might as well post "offtopic" like discussion.

I.medley, why are you still MIA on aim? I need to speak to you about something asap.

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Where the fuck is all the Starburst?

Don't envy the guy who had to eat all the lemon ones, though.

Lemon is my favorite Starburst flavor. I don't know what's wrong with you, if you don't like that one... Strawberry is pretty good as well though (or whatever the pink ones are). Mouser X out.

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