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2 Silent Hill ReMixes, Need C&C

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Hey there, Double|) here again, plugging 2 ReMixes off my album "General Caution" which can be found here. Anyway, I Need some C&C for these two Silent Hill 2 ReMixes i've done.

The first is a ReMix of "Theme of Laura" and is called Laura's Electronika. Listen to it here

The second is a ReMix of "Promise" and is called Techsaw Promise. Listen to that here

Now...I Would like Opinions, and What one would most suit submitting and any Improvements I could make to them.

Thanks (In adavnce ;-) lol) :-)


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Laura's Electronica's intro is slightly out of synch, also it doesn't build well into the body of the piece. Really sketchy and unimaginative synth use. The soundscape doesn't really fit together well, I'd work on balancing the stuff. The high soprano synth gets a bit obnoxious at its highest. Not bad in the bass ranges though.

Keep on working on: Soundscape, Drums and EQ. Soundscape should be the first thing to clear up. EQ your synths so they don't sound so lo-fi. Drums, work on making them jive a little better with everything else. The tinkling sample just feels so out of place.

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