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Forbidden Woods Part 1 and 2 WIP Mix

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Part 1:

I love your chord voicings in this track, although there are some questionable notes at 0.17, 0.21 and 0.57 as well. Is this to convey the uncomfortable nature of the fact that these woods are forbidden? I really like the textures in this track a lot. What equipment do you use?

Part 2:

Wow, ok part 2 is superb, I really enjoy making and listening to jazz beats like this. Again, your chord voicings are just right, and loving your piano work. Super sudden change at 1.54, not sure that I was ready for that, kinda spoiled the smooth vibe, that could be the basis of part 3, battle in the woods?

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Hey guys,

Glad you liked it. Malcos, if you're wondering what I used for that track alone, I used a combination of just the East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra along with the Bosendorfer 290 (I think) The solo Violin is from the Vienna pack. I dont know if you want hardware but I have more than that lol.

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