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So... how many versions of a given game do you own?

The Coop

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Follow me my friends, and let Uncle Coop tell you a tale. A tale of triumph and tragedy, odds overcome, and swearing a-plenty.

It all began long ago when I got my first FPS... Zero Tolerance for the Genesis. Bad tunes aside, I enjoyed running up and down its simplified halls, pumping off shots at stiffly animated people and robots, and squinting at the 1/4 of the screen that was used for the actual gaming screen. I bought it from a pawn shop near where I lived at the time, and was in pixelated heaven as I saw the genre that had been alive and well on PC for a number of years by the time Zero Tolerance came out.

We jump forward a few years, and there I was as I browsed the steadily shrinking area of Genesis games at the local K-Mart of that same town. On a shelf above the gaming racks, was a row of new 32X units, all packed with Doom. Much to my surprise, they were $30... a cash amount that I just happened to have. So, I grabbed a 32X from the shelf, went up to the cashier who was middle-aged woman I had passingly known for about a year, and purchased my new toy. Once home, I tried to hook the add-on up, but it was missing a key part... the cable that allows an older Genesis unit to connect via its RGB port in the back. Somehow, I got a unit with two cables that hooked up from the back of the 32X, to the end on the RGB cable I was missing, instead of one of each cable. So, I packed the system back up, and got a ride to K-Mart so I could exchange it. This took only a few minutes, and before long, I was home again. I hooked up my new 32X, plugged in Doom, and hit the power switch.

After staring at an empty black screen for fifteen seconds, I turned the system off, made sure everything was set up right, and tried again. This time I got a pop from the TV speaker, but nothing else. After an hour of trying things, and giving various items the prefix "fucking", I came to the conclusion that the copy of Doom in this second 32X box was defective. And so, back to the K-Mart I went... but this time, I had a plan.

I took my Genesis with me, and once at the store, I asked the woman if I could piece together a working 32X system from the two I had returned, and then test it on one of the TVs they had turned on in their electronic center. She agreed, and ten minutes later, I'd mix-and-matched a 32X unit with the needed cables, and a working Doom cart. With this done, home I went, and I indulged myself in an couple hours of having my first Doom experience. And all was right with the world.

Another year is jumped, and myself and a friend are found in that same town's local video store, looking for some games to rent for my Saturn. On their shelf was the Saturn version of Doom, which I'd heard nasty things about in an issue of GameFan. But, as with most seemingly bad ideas, curiosity was nagging me. So, we ponied up the $9 to rent it and a couple other Saturn games, and then went to his house to play the night away. Much to my surprise, the Saturn version wasn't as bad as the review made it out to be. Yes, the frame rate was pretty rough, and the sound effects didn't work right unless you set it to "mono" for sound, but there was so much more than what was offered in the 32X version. The monsters had more sides... things became darker as they moved away from you... there were more types of enemies... more weapons... most of the Ultimate Doom and Doom II levels... much better music... it was like a whole different game compared to the 32X's eternally bright rooms and forward-only facing monsters. And so it was that a couple months later, after I had to return the Saturn version of Hexen to a local Walmart because of its enormous memory block usage (over 3000) and non-working passwords, I came back from that same store with a new copy of the Saturn version of Doom, and dug into it.

Leap ahead a few years, and you'd find me browsing a new town's local K-Mart that was closing its doors for good. They had a brand new SNES with Killer Instinct as its pack-in for $25. After inspecting the battered box to make sure everything was still intact, and seeing that some bastard had taken the "Killer Cuts" CD, I noticed a new copy of Doom for the SNES sitting in the case for $9. Just because I already owned two versions of the game, was no reason to not get a third... right? I forked out the cash for the system and game, and went happily home with the knowledge that I'd found a little treasure. Yes, the graphics and framerate were rough, but the music was quite nice, there were more levels than the 32X version, and playing through the game's 16bit encarnation in all its heavily pixelated glory was fun.

A couple more years go by, and there I am driving to a local flea market near the same town. A few months earlier, I'd bought a new PS1 from a local Funcoland, and its version of Doom was something I wanted after reading reviews of how good it was. I'd been lucky enough to get the PS1 version of Final Doom while I was buying the system, but they had no copies of Doom in stock. But fortunately for me, the flea market I was headed to had a permanent video store there, that also sold games new and used... and they had one remaining new copy of the game I sought for $25. I eventually arrived, bought it, went home, and just went "Doom" happy.

I played Doom first, and smiled at the smooth framerate, the good tunes I'd heard in the Saturn version, colored lighting, proper sounding effects, and all the good stuff that the Saturn port was either missing or had broken because of the sloppy job Rage Software had done porting the PS1 game to the Saturn. But now I felt content, knowing I finally had a good version of the game, and the "Final" game to boot... or at least, half of the "Final" game as I later found out.

Leap ahead again a few years to May of 2001, and we find myself with my first PC playing Unreal. Oh the joy I felt as I started slowly buying the PC games I'd heard so much about, but never got to play. Quake, Unreal, MechWarrior 2... ah, much gaming goodness was had.

A couple months later, I found out that a collection was going to be released in the Fall... a collection of games that I couldn't resist getting. On September 9th, 2001, Doom Collector's Edition was released, and I was at a local Gamestop to pick it up the day it finally arrived in-store. As I drove home from the store, I couldn't help but think, I finally have the originals! Yes, Ultimate Doom, Doom II: Hell on Earth, and the entire version of Final Doom were sitting next to me on the passenger seat. Each game uncut, unedited, with every level intact... oh I could hardly wait to get home and install it. When I finally did, it was indeed a great moment.

I heard the original midi tunes for the first time. I saw the textures and monsters at a nicer resolution. I marveled at the framerate that was so smooth and stutter free, and relished the controls that felt so much more fluid. I read the goofy endings as I came to them. It was like finally reaching the peak of a mountain, after climbing up smaller hills that I had thought was that mountain. I had a sense of... satisfaction. I had the real game... the game the previous versions tried to be.

Leap forward to today. At some point, I will buy the GBA port of Doom, just so I can have that game with me whenever I have a long trip to make where I'm not doing the driving. Now if I could just find it for a reasonable price...

So that you have it. I own five versions of Doom in various forms, with a sixth one on the way. I enjoyed each one of the five I currently own in their day, and I still have them all with me. It may seem a bit odd, or perhaps even foolish, but it was a weird process that offered up increasing levels of fun as it went along. And yes, I have Doom 64 as well.

Oh. And if you ever find yourself playing the 32X version, don't bother looking for the BFG9000... it's not in the game. Yep. The folks forgot to program in the biggest weapon. The only way to get it, is to use the ammo cheat that gives you everything, but makes it so you can't see the ending. Neat huh?

So with all of that out of the way, tell me... how many versions of a given game do you own?

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Phantasy Star (SMS)

Phantasy Star (in the GBA Phantasy Star Collection)

Sega Ages 2500: Phantasy Star Generation 1 (PS2)

Missing the ultra rare Phantasy Star for Megadrive and the Phantasy Star Collection for Saturn.

I own both the Saturn and PS1 version of Symphony of the Night, and double versions of a lot of games, like SF3:TS, DOA2, KoF98, SFA3, etc.

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Not different versions but rather the same game.

Lets see.... My cousin gave me his copy of ff7. I then lost it, but since I had not finished it and wanted to so bad, I bought another copy of the game.

I stored it and all my other discs on a CD cary case which fell out of the car at some point... I have no Idea how this happened.

So then I bought the PC version cause it was $15 and well... why not... Well it was sitting on my bed and my brother jumped on it beaking the disc.... lame.

Then I bought another copy at a used game store. And it worked just fine but I think It was missing the case or manuel or something like that. Since I like my games to be in good condition I bought another from Blockbuster a few years back..

so I have had 5 ff7 games..

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Very interesting read. To answer your question, I currently have 3 versions of Ocarina of Time:

the original (and I mean original) cart

the rerelease (which was some sort of preorder bonus for Wind Waker if I remember correctly) for GameCube

the OTHER rerelease (plus some other Zeldas) for GC, Collector's Edition, which was from a promotional nintendo.com thing.

O.K., technically they're not EXACTLY the same (differing in the color of Ganondorf's blood and the Muslim chants in the Fire Temple, as well as possibly some other minor details), but that's semantics. I don't think I'll get the VC release; I've gotta save my money for tangible games.

Oh, and I'm about to have 3 iterations of Panel de Pon (aka Tetris Attack, Puzzle League, etc.) as soon as my shitty Gamestop gets the shipment, and I couldn't be more excited about playing a game I first played back for the SNES.

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Sadly, only series for me here with multiples of the same games are the final fantasies.

The original 1987 version of FF1, including the bestiary and map and original boxing and all, as well as the Final Fantasy Origins version on PS1, FFI & II Dawn of Souls on GBA, and fully preordered the PSP rendition that releases this month.

Both PS1 and GBA versions of FF2, as well as a fully preordered PSP rendition that releases in July.

FF2 including original boxing and booklet for the SNES, FFChronicles version where it was finally called Final Fantasy IV on ps1, as well as the GBA version.

FF3 on SNES including, just like the others, original boxing and booklet, FFVI on FFAnthology on PS1, and the newly released FFVI on GBA.

Final Fantasy V on Anthology for PS1, and the GBA version.

Both PC and Ps1 versions of FF7 and FF8

Every FFXI release including every PS2, Xbox360, and original, with all expansions seperate on PC, as well as both of the Collections (both regular Vana'Diel and the 2007 release)

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Three versions of LttP...SNES, GBA, Wii.

Four versions of OoT...N64, Wii, the two GCN bonus discs.

Two DKC2...SNES and Wii.

I could go on, but eh.

Really, it's a matter of convience. It was easier to grab the GBA version of LttP rather than dig out my SNES every time I wanted to play, and it's easier to grab my classic controller and boot up my Wii than stare down at the GBA (Or rather, DS) screen.

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If we're talking about a series, I own DDR 1st-5th mix then Max, Max2, Extreme, Extreme2, Supernova, Konamix, and finally Disney Mix. So that makes 12 DDR games.

I've also owned every version of Mario Party at some point in time save for the Wii version, but that probably won't be too far behind knowing how much my brothers will want it.

Copies of the same game? I usually try to be careful about that unless I want the extra content...so none really stand out to me right now.

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Both the original and PC versions of Metal Gear Solid, MGS2 and MGS2:Substance (For both PC and PS2), MGS3 and MGS3:Subsistence and the Limited Edition version of Subsistence thanks to ebay. Granted, Substance and Subsistence aren't the same as their original games, but their content doesn't exactly warrant another purchase (for a sane person, anyways).

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Copypastaing because Coop did the same:

3 versions of Zelda 1: The original NES one, the one that came on the Zelda: Collector's Edition disk, and the GBA NES Classics release.

2 versions of Zelda 2: The original NES one and the one on Zelda: Collector's Edition.

2 versions of Link to the Past: The original SNES one and the GBA release.

2 versions of Ocarina of Time: The Zelda: Master Quest bonus disk and the one on Zelda: Collector's Edition.

2 versions of Megaman 1: The one on Rockman Megaworld and the MMAC one.

4 versions of Megaman 2: The original NES one twice(US and PAL), the one on RMMW and the MMAC one.

2 versions of Megaman 3: The one on RMMW and the MMAC one.

2 versions of Megaman 8: The original PSX one and the MMAC one.

2 versions of Megaman X1: The SNES one and the MMXC one.

2 versions of Megaman X3: The PC one and the MMXC one.

2 versions of Megaman X4: The PC one and the MMXC one.

2 versions of Megaman Battle & Chase: The PSX one and the MMXC one.

2 versions of Megaman Battle Network 5(Team Colonel): The GBA one and the DS compilation.

2 versions of Super Mario Bros: The NES one and the SMAS one.

3 versions of Super Mario Bros 2: The NES one, the SMAS one and the GBA version.

3 versions of Super Mario Bros 3: The NES one, the SMAS one and the GBA version.

2 versions of Super Mario 64: The N64 one on the VC and the DS version.

I've been selling some of my NES Megaman games lately because I've got the MMAC anyway and it's superior to the originals in terms of color quality and it doesn't suffer from flickering.

I also haven't bought any VC games I already own on another system, with the exception of Mario 64, because it's just as easy for me to pop in the cart and hit the button on my SCART switchbox than it would be to turn on the Wii and start it on the VC. I've bought games I used to own though, and got Mario 64 since it's different enough from the DS version.

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Well, counting the Sonic Mega Collection, I own two versions of sonic 1, 2, and 3, oh and Sonic and Knuckles also.

I own:

Street Fighter Alpha 3 (PSX)

Street Fighter Alpha 3 upper (GBA)

.....That's all I can think of at the moment. And those are just re-hashes or remakes. I have plenty of games and their sequels.

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I have 3 copies of Megaman Legends 1 (one is brand-new, and unopened...), 3 copies of The Misadventures of Tron Bonne (all used, but one I never bothered opening once I got it from the store), 3 different versions of OoT; N64 cart, Windwaker presale, and the Collector's disc. 3 versions of Zelda 1; The cart (actually, it's the family's, I suppose... We have 2 carts of that) for the NES, the GBA version (that one is mine. I got it for my b-day), and the Collector's disc. I've got 2-3 copies of Breath of Fire 4 (or is it 3?). There's most likely more, but I can't think of them off-hand... I really should resell some of these things. Especially the ones where it's an identical copy, for the same system... Mouser X out.

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I go out of my way making sure I don't spend extra money to buy things I already own, so I only have things that are essentially new games with one exception. Multiples are:

~SMB2 (Mario All-Stars and GBA, but the GBA was free, someone didn't want it or charge me)

~Zelda OoT - Original, Collector's, and Master Quest.

~Donkey Kong - Animal Crossing, Donkey Kong 64, and Donkey Kong GB (but that's an extended game anyway).

I beleive that's all folks. I don't even have any alternate versions of Tetris, just trusty old Gameboy version.

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MegaMan 4: original cart and MMAC

Zelda 1: original gold cart, GBA classic, & Zelda Collector

Zelda OoT: N64 Cart (with the crescent/chants intact), Master Quest/original promotion

Tetris: THE original grey cartridge for the old grey GB, Tetris DS version ( I <3 Tetris too...Sadly could never find tetris attack except in rom form...)

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I have Super Mario 2 on NES, SNES (part of the Mario Allstars game), on the game gameboy advance (Super Mario Advance 3, I think), and I have it on an emulator on my machine.

I prefer the original NES version, because that's the one in which my nostalgia is associated with.

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I have:

Final Fantasy VI (3 versions)


FFVI (Final Fantasy Anthology)

FFVI Advance (GBA)

Resident Evil 1 (3 versions)

Resident Evil: Director's Cut (PSX)

Resident Evil Remake (GCN)

Resident Evil: Deadly Silence (DS)

Resident Evil 2 (3 versions)

N64 Version

PSX Version

Gamecube Version

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Zelda: Link to the Past - SNES & GBA

Tetris - GB & NES (God, what an odd looking case...) / Tetris Attack - SNES

Super Dodge Ball - NES and GBA

Doom - PC, (still in box, unopened...) SNES & PSX

...That's all that I can find for right now. I don't feel like digging through my closet... I really don't...

Oh, yeah... I still have my gold cart Zelda - NES in the house... in a crate... *sucks teeth* ...in my closet... Damn.

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Magically, I own 4 different versions of Final Fantasy 7. And I mysteriously have two different copies of FF6. One in its original language for Super Famicom for my modified SNES..

Then there's the two versions of Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox (very worth it), two versions of X-COM UFO Defense (very, very worth it) and two versions of TIE Fighter (probably the best Star Wars game period). Then the two version of Shenmue 2 which I actually played both versions to death.

Then there's the Megaman, other Final Fantasy titles and remakes, Mario, Metal Gear, Lara Croft Tomb Raider, Street Fighter, Castlevania and all sorts of retreads and remakes. Not really worth a mention on their own.

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