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Project Proposal: Ladies of the Legend of Zelda


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I know what you're going to say. "DarkeSword, don't we already have like, a million projects going on?" Yeah, we do. But I have this idea man, it's gonna be awesome.


All joking aside, I was mistakenly sent a PM the other day from TheThoughtfulOne, who wanted to do or get the ball rolling on a Zelda series project. Some ideas included a Chrono Symphonic style movie score, or something telling the story of the legend through the ages.

I said "Hold up." It's my experience that a remix project should be small and manageable. I came up with a concept for a Zelda series project off the top of my head, and I liked it so much that I decided to do it myself.

So let's get started, ok?

The Concept

Link has women fawning all over him all the time. There are tons of girls in the series that fall for Link, whether it's spelled out explicitly or not. I propose an album dedicated to the ladies that love Link.

The Tentative List of Characters and Tracklist

This tracklist is pretty much set, and is in no way meant to be a definitive representation of every single girl in the Zelda series, nor is it meant to cover every single game.


  • The Legend of Zelda Main Theme/Overworld/Title
  • Princess Zelda - Zelda's Lullaby

Link's Awakening:

  • Marin - Ballad of the Windfish

Ocarina of Time:

  • Saria - Saria's Song/Lost Woods
  • Princess Ruto - Serenade of Water

Twilight Princess:

  • Ilya - Ilya's Theme
  • Midna - Midna's Theme, Midna's Desperation

Oracle of Ages/Seasons:

  • Din - Din's Dance
  • Nayru - Nayru's Theme

This gives us about nine songs to work with. I've included the overworld theme because if I'm going to do a Zelda series project, it's a good idea to include the defining song. I made the mistake of leaving Green Greens out of my Kirby project. Not this time.

Stylistic Considerations

The theme of the project is love, requited or otherwise. I'm looking for each of the songs to be arranged in the style of any kind of love song. They don't have to have lyrics or words (I'd actually prefer the majority of songs to be instrumental), and they don't all have to be sappy ballads, but they should all try to capture the essence of the character and her affection for Link. What I'm not looking for: songs with funny lyrics or joke songs.


Wouldn't a Valentine's Day release be ideal? I'm not going to kid myself, it probably won't happen. Projects always end up taking way more time than initially planned. But it's a good goal to shoot for. I'd like to hit first WIPs by the end of August, Second WIPs by November, and then work to complete.

Getting on the Project

If you're familiar with how I did the Kirby project, you know that I'm not going to take just anyone. I'm not looking for someone who's new to remixing; this isn't a project to get your foot in the door. I'm looking for people who know what they're doing and have the skills to do it. As such, I'd like to run auditions. If you want in on this project, send me a recent sample of your work, preferably something that falls within the Stylistic Considerations.

I think I've covered it all. Any questions?

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DarkeSword, don't we already have like, a million projects going on?

Yeah, we do. But I have this idea man, it's gonna be awesome.



As for Malon: A friend of mine suggested that to me, but I do want to keep the tracklist down. Plus Ocarina of Time already has two themes. If this thing really takes off and we make progress really fast, I might consider adding a track or two.

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DarkeSword how do you feel on a porno-ish remix of any of the tracks?

Because I'd like to do that for lulz and profit

Swinging Eporno mix?

I'm interested in a jazz ballad of Ballad of the Windfish. I'll try and get my WIP finished off with drums and sax; at this point, you'll probably want to hear more than either of the WIPs I've posted since neither has had production skills applied properly yet, being WIPs and all.

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I just want to say that people who are interested shouldn't start working on anything yet. I haven't made any decisions as to who's even ON the project yet, and we certainly haven't gone through track selection either. Gotta wait till everything's set before mixing begins.

Project approved go go!

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