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The Newbie Introduction Thread: Come on in and say hello!


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Considering the recent influx of newcomers starting threads to announce their arrival to OCR, I thought perhaps having one thread where newbie’s could come in and introduce themselves rather than cluttering up this forum with random “Hi I’m new” threads would be more efficient.

This may be a dumb idea but I figured I’d give it a shot and maybe new members that are a little afraid to post a new topic will feel more at ease saying hello in a thread dedicated to such things.

So post say hello and little about yourself. Oh and..



For a little more information on the do’s and don'ts see below. Any other questions be sure to let us know!

A few pointers:

- Lurking a bit at first never a dead newbie make.

- Don’t ask for roms, illegal mp3’s and the like.

- Don’t post porn or offending images.

-(subliminal) Send me $5

- Take the time to look around and become familiar with the place( different personalities and such). Going on a posting spree your first day here rarely gives the desired results.

-(subliminal) Send me $5

New Edit:

Some linkage 'round' the forums of this here place:

Okay my comp is borked, a community built on VG music dammit somebody must have some help.Bunch of geeks and damned proud! Geeks never looked...so sexy in an OCR hoodie!...Mmmmm. Also you're in the right forum.

Newbies & Tech Help

Are you the reincarnation of Mozart yet need a little help getting started with this new founded gidgety do-bobs? ? Try the Remixing forum:


General gaming comment or query? Community is a nice place to hang:


Liberal or conservative? Religious, atheist or somewhere in between? Up for a verbal go around here you go:

Politics, Philosophy & Religion

Suffering from American idol withdrawals between rounds and need something to vote for or partake in? This is perhaps more your style.


Apples V.S. I'd rather not know why you stuck what where or why but thanks for letting us know. Random stuff:

Off Topic

Not sure what you want? A great online radio station to figure it out:


There you are, welcome and have fun! Any other Q's ask away.

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Hi, I'm Mythril Nazgul. I'm a pretty nice guy if you get to know me, and I generally try to help out people if they need it. Here are some more good tips and links for the newbie entering into these forums.

Enter into Political Debate at your own Risk

Whether you are a die hard liberal or a stalwart conservative, the moment you post in a "Politics" thread, prepare to have your opinions bashed, criticized and flamed, sometimes by posts that go on for pages (get used to the name Atomic Dog ;)) Get used to this. Politics threads in General Discussion go on for pages and pages, and the debates can get extremely intense. Remember one thing though; it's just a message board. 9 times out of 10, the arguee is not trying to destroy your opinions personally. Don't take everything too seriously and you will be fine.

Review WIPS

Want a good way to increase your reputation? Review other people's songs on the WIP boards. People are always looking for criticism and not only does it help your credibility, it helps others as well. Try to be nice, and try to do your best to give valuable input to the mixer. Who knows? You might be helping the next ReMix get on the site!

Remain Understandable

Face it, people are going to pay more attention to someone who types with clarity and correct spelling than to someone who speaks garbled and "AIM"ish. Try to spellcheck your posts before posting, and please try to keep your words understandable.

More if I can think of them, but here are some other good links for you to get started:


A good place to start off. Keep it clean and try to be nice!


Want to help the site and sport a snazzy OCR T at the same time? Shirts provide a decent source of revenue for the site (remember, these remixes are FREE) and they look cool too.

Rate That Sig!

Got a signature you made and you want to know how people like it? Consider yourself an art critic? If so, step into this thread and rate away!


Every week or so, one of these threads will pop up. They stand for People's Remixing Competition, Iron Mixer Competition and Original Remixing Competition respectivly, and they are user run mixing competitions. If you want to try your hand at mixing or if you want to learn how to get better, enter one of these and take it for a spin. Even if you don't win, you will almost always get constructive criticism and that is never a bad thing.

Smash Bros. Community

Smash Brothers Fan? I know I'm not that much of one, but if you are, this thread is for you. There are many regulars who frequent this thread and give information on contests, tips for winning, and all around good ol' fanboyness! If this is up your alley, make yourself known!

VG Frequency

This thread is dead for the summer, but it will be refreshed come fall. Basically, VG Frequency is a thread run by Liontamer, who hosts a VG Remix Radio show once a week. The thread is filled with information about the upcoming and previous shows as well as downloads of entire episodes! During the season, you can log onto the VGF chat room and hit it up with all your favorite remixers and posters during the show, and discuss whats being played, as well as a whole slew of random things.


Ok, so you decided to venture into Unmod? Here are a few threads to check out!

Post Pics of Yourself

The title says it all! Feel daring? Post a pic of yourself. Just be careful or Arashi will hit on you!


The First Hi! Thread died in the Unmod Purge, but this one is almost the same. It's basically a chatroom in there. Any topic is welcome! Join in discussion, mess around, and make fun of Evilhead, if you want!

OverClocked Removed

The Corp runs a cool website where you can pick up songs that have been removed from this website for various reasons. You can find updates in this thread. Check out the site! You might be able to pick up Fowl Jive, Cool Cool Schala, or maybe even the holy Bad Tuna!

The Love, Relationship, Sex and Social-Ed thread

This thread will probably come in handy for you at some point in your life. Mahaboo, Arashi and others offer help for you in times of need. Got a sex related question? Relationship problems? Come here and ask away!

Photo Caption Contest - V2

Got a sense of humor? This contest is for you! Try your hand at coming up with captions for various humerous pictures! The winner gets to choose the next pic. Just beware of the Coop and his mind control powers...

Unmod Sig Makers Thread

Want a sig? Come in here and request one and one of the sig makers will probably maybe perhaps get to it when they have a chance. No promises, but most of the time people are satisfied with what they get!

Well thats about all for now. Just remember, stay nice, stay cool and above all, just remember, it's only a forum. Don't let your anger control you.

Oh yeah, and don't mention www.gamefaqs.com or you will get flamed.

Hope you enjoy your stay, and hope this helped!


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Greetings. I'm The Coop. Now before I use the Vulcan Mind Fuck on you and reduce you to a drooling, incoherent vegetable, here's a few things to keep in mind.

I) Get a grasp on sarcasm. It's used a lot around here, and jumping the gun on someone when they're making a sarcastic comment that you think is their actual views and such, leads to a roast pretty quickly.

II) Don't pick a fight. I know when you first show up on a board you wanna start a topic about something you like and just talk about it 'till the sun dies out. By all means, start a thread about it... but think first.

Don't start a thread with an accusatory tone in your post like "Why do you hate FFVIII here?". That's not going to get any kind of discussion going, except possibly one about your mother and any habits she may or may not have. Instead, just post about what you wanna talk about, and give your thoughts on it in a calm fashion. Conversations start off a lot better that way.

Oh... and don't do the "I wanna see what you guys think first" routine, as that's a cop out. If you wanna talk about something, then take part in it from the start.

III) Remember that when things are being discussed, there are opinions mixed in with the facts... and at times, all a post is, is an opinion. It's good to let others know where you stand on a given topic, but don't shove your opinion down the throats of others like it's the only right opinion to have. We're all free thinkers here, and we all see things a bit differently thanks to the personal experiences we've all had in our lives. How we see a subject, is no more right or wrong than how you see it, as our opinions have been formed by what we've seen, heard, read, experienced and done... just like you.

IV) Thunder Force IV is the best 16bit shooter out there. Just accept that ;)

V) Enter into a Religion debate at your own risk. Like Political debates, it's going to be flame filled as opinions are bashed and thrown about. If they start civil, count on them not staying that way. Food for thought.

Hope this helps :)

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ReMix ReViews-

If you've found a mix you really like, be sure to give it some praise here. Try to explain what you liked about the song, what the mixer did right, ad what you think could be improved. It's always good to give advice along with giving the ReMixer one more reason to show off his ego, so a good review layout would be a lot like this post of mine[/ego]:

"Her Azure Eyes" Review]Ok, just started the song [which is nicely done] over:

00:00 - Nice flute intro.

00:06 - Here come the synths.

00:12 - Here's where the trance comes in.

00:19 - You mixed the electronic trance beat perfectly with the flute. Starts going up from there.

00:34 - The flute still blends semalessly. I have to congratulate you on this.

00:59 - I like how you blended some electronic noises in the background there with the flute doing its own thing with the lower-paced melody.

01:04 - Here come the synths again.

01:12 - Perfectly placed break from the happy-go lucky melody...but it'll come back to haunt me...

01:24 - It's coming back from the break very fast, which is a good thing.

01:38 - You took out the flute there for a little bit and put a synth in its place flawlessly.

01:44 - Here comes the flute again.

01:56 - I like the underwater effect you put here.

02:09 - You aded more ambient electronic sounds with a few appearences from the flute.

02:22 - The flute's back as part of the main melody here.

02:48 - An electronic break from the happiness that's been building up. After that, most of the instruments from the song as a whole come back and build up to 03:26. After that, it's like some underwater percussion instrument leading the closing melody.

Overall, this is probably my favorite mix on OCR, even though I never played any games on any Sega system. Very, very happy. The flute is my favorite instrument in this mix.

Again, nicely done. 99%.

Admittedly, I could have elaborated more on the second-to-last paragraph, and the criticism of indicidual parts of this short song makes it seem a lot shorter than it is. I no longer use a rating system because you can't simply rank mixes, since they all have their own special thing that makes it original or great.

These forums are a lot like the WIP boards in that they help a remixer become better. Also remember to always be open-minded; even if you don't like the style a mixer used you can still review it if you think it's well-done for the genre. ESPECIALLY review a mix if it's in a genre you absolutely hate, yet you actually like it. That's because the mix is helping to open up your mind, and the mixers are always happy to hear that. ;)

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Come into a discussion open minded. Be prepared to quickly change your mood. Whether it be about debate, be informative, or a sarcasm smorgasborg.

If you sense sarcasm but still don't find the humour, stick around a little longer. You'll understand.

It's just like real life.

If you want to engage in serious debate, lurk a bit, see who posts in an intelligent manner and check out who he hangs with. If you are here for shits and giggles, find the more humourous people, the people who always talk with their tongue in their cheek.

If you come here to learn, find people who bring forth knowledge and general know-how.

Doing this lets you be able to remember names of the posters on the board quicker and not feel so overwhelmed.

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hey! long time downloader, new member. just want to say thanks to you guys for creating such a cool site and props for keeping it up.

and now,a little about me: i'm a female gamer from texas. well, i say gamer, i don't know about the whole "hard-core gamer vs. casual" label and i actually don't really care. i like a lot of video games, end of story.

my first console was the NES, but my parents sold it (funny sidenote: they also sold all of the NES and super NES games along with it, but not the super NES) so i bought another on ebay (overpriced). i have a dreamcast and a ps2 also, and a broken playstation. the dreamcast i got only to play soul calibur. my sister and i played soulblade daily and waited for the sequel. and waited...and waited...and then i had to get a dreamcast to play it! but it was worth it (i want a sword like ivy's!).

i'm just about finished with my associate's degree in art, and am looking to get a bachelor's degree in video game art and design (no programming for me!)

what else...um.. some favorite games include:



ace combat four


the metal gear series

this last one is a bit of a double-edged sword. on the one hand, it's a funny series, but on the other there are many things about metal gear which really bother me. why do all the female characters die/leave/go bad? (p.s. anyone else feel rose is a bad egg?) also, does snake believe in god? why make a male character who looks kind of girly? (i read somewhere that raiden was designed to be a character both male and female gamers could related to. why not just make a female playable character?)

sorry to rant, but it's stuff like that. i guess what i'm trying to say is i'm interested in this series because i'd love to change a few things about it. my codename's always 'pigeon' or 'mammoth' if anyone was wondering. :wink:

so in short, i'm another gamer looking to get into the industry. i hope to take part in creating storylines and game characters in games which are good clean fun (no half-dressed floozies. i know guys get sick of hearing it, but why do female game characters have to be naked to kick any butt?) and which people can really enjoy and relate to. making a game out of c.s. lewis' "til we have faces: a myth retold" is an idea i'm toying with, if my career plans work out.

so that's me. to quote the recent nintendo ads, who are you?

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*drops into the rafters*

Greetings. I am Alexander, though most call me Alex. I'm an avid video game player and role playing enthusiest from western Iowa who has been downloading the wonderful music from this site for some time now. I decided it was high time I started making my opinions known and tried to contribute to the growth of my favorite music spot in my own little way. I hope my stay will be long and enjoyable for myself and others, and I hope to lend a helping hand wherever I can. Maybe in the future I will even have the honor of adding some remixes to the site once I learn how to make them. :)

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Hello orual, and welcome to OCR. If you venture into UnMod it may be wise to leave the whole female thing out for now, we’ve been having a little drama over there the past few days and people are starting to get a little cranky. :)

Very true. Even I've been snarling, which is very uncommon for me to do. Mind you, it was unmod and I can do that - outside I have never flamed a noob whatsoever. It wouldn't feel right.

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Hello orual, and welcome to OCR. If you venture into UnMod it may be wise to leave the whole female thing out for now, we’ve been having a little drama over there the past few days and people are starting to get a little cranky. :)

Very true. Even I've been snarling, which is very uncommon for me to do. Mind you, it was unmod and I can do that - outside I have never flamed a noob whatsoever. It wouldn't feel right.

Yeah, Xel. Aside from the strange fetishes, of which there are many, and the time you ran over that guy with your car, you are a generally nice guy.

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I think Mythril mistakenly referred to me... Y'see, when I was 6, I was over my little brother in this plastic car I was riding, because I felt like being a jackass.

I gave him a bruise. :(

[Like this specific story, people will make up things that are completely fake sometimes, particularly in UnMod. Sarcasm is generally very convincing down there.]

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Hello, I'm neminem, and everything I always say to n00bs in welcome threads already got covered while I was sleeping ;-). But welcome all, and don't be scared of UnMod like I was when I was a n00b here. Then again, I've heard grumblings that it's tamer now than it used to be, but as far as I'm aware, the only difference is you get banned for blatant thread-breaking, and I'm perfectly fine with that.

Hello orual, and welcome to OCR. If you venture into UnMod it may be wise to leave the whole female thing out for now, we’ve been having a little drama over there the past few days and people are starting to get a little cranky. :)

Haha, yeah. That was great. If you say you are a girl in UnMod right now, you will likely not be believed. On the other hand, if you look around at all the threads related to the current running gag and its origins, and make a thread parodying it that also implies you're being serious, and pull it off well... that could give you a big advantage on losing your n00b status ;-). We're big on sarcasm generally.

By the way, you should really look into getting this thread stickied.

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...okay, i think i'll avoid unmod. stupid newbie question: what is the current 'running gag' (um..and what is unmod?)

UnMod is short for the UnModerated forum (and GenDisc is of course short for General Discussion). The current gag revolved around a semin00b (one of the actually intelligent ones) talking about how she was a girl while talking about porn, and another, less intelligent n00b said he was too, and started talking about how she liked some kind of stupid pseudo-fetish that's apparently popular to talk about in perman00b culture... then a couple regulars "let loose" that they were actually girls as well. Random in-jokes like that happen periodically - I remember with fondness the day where about 3 dozen threads got started of the form *is <something you are/are doing>*, and the time everyone was accusing each other of being alternate accounts of this one person (who was that, by the way? I'm forgetting) and all the jokes made about the possible nonexistence of Eccles' girlfriend, and... great times.

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...okay, i think i'll avoid unmod.

You don't have to avoid it, but it's probably a good idea to lurk around there and see how things operate in that forum before posting too much in there. I say this because many of the people that pretty much frequent only that forum section are like dogs, in that they tend to be territorial and become threatened when someone they have never seen before enters what they claim to be their space.

I'm xamgis, by the way, for all the newbies. I have come to the conclusion that most people skip over the posts that I make, (except for when I was one of two primary posters in a thread that has long since been deleted) only because someone usually says what I had said, two posts after I said it. No matter. I occasionally have something to contribute in the sig makers thread, but other than that I don't think I really do much else.

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Hey everyone. I'm Decrescendo, real name is Adam. I'm 20-years-old and I'm from Texas. Nice to be here, glad to be here, like it lots. Will write soon... crap, ummm I spend a lot of time on the website at work listening to the music, and my day would be horribly boring without the forum. Just signed up about a week or so ago, but it's cool. Later. My AIM SN is Gilead14 (no I'm not 14)

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Another quick disclaimer, and this especially applies in unmod:

If you make a thread, prepare for the consequences.

A mod will not come and delete your thread per your request. Changing the title name to "Please Delete" or anything similar to that will not result in a deletion. Most of the time that will only prevent a mod from doing so, as they are heartless bastards whose sole intent is to make you cry. If such an incident occurs in Unmod, not only will the thread not get deleted, but various unmod regulars will taunt you nonstop and keep your thread bumped to the front of the page. Some people have learned this the hard way. Think before you make a thread! Unless are in GD and you break the rules, the thread will not be gone when you wake up the next morning. It will be infested. Just a warning. :wink:

Don't be afraid of unmod, embrace its culture of social disfunctioon.


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