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ShinRa Techno REDUX (WIP)


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I'm sure none of your remember my old song which was simply called ShinRa techno. I decided that now that I have Reason I should remake it. Due note that the current samples are subject to change. It's the arrangement that I think I'm more impressed with.

This is just the first half.

Please tell me what you think.

EDIT: Oh, and uh, mind the drums. I just noticed it.

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The intro sounds great, but after that you continue to use the same instruments. Change that around, bring in some different synths, etc. As far as I can hear, arrangement isn't bad so far, but you really need to change up the instruments, they don't go together well at all after the intro. Keep working, this has potential!

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I think people who have given feedback to you so far are really doing you a disservice. The reviews are not helpful, as they give you confidence in material that needs a massive amount of work and improvement.

I am not sure, but this sounds like Reason to me, especially the drums. The drums are ok in the first part, but after 1:05, the beat is off, and it just doesn't work. Maybe you wanted to have a syncopated type of beat, but this sounds like sloppy and chaotic drum programming.

Arrangement-wise there is not really much going on here. Maybe one lead and one bass playing at any given time.

Production is equally weak in every aspect.

You have a lot of room for improvement and you should take every opportunity to work on your skills if you want to get better.

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Thanks for the tips and support. I changed the synths so that they fit better. I'm not done with them yet though. Finding a bunch of good synths and making them sound good together is not easy at all.

Anyway, It's been uploaded now. What do you think?

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When the beat first kicked in it really made me think that this song could be a good industrial remix..

The soundscape is a little shocking at the 0:32 second mark because the percussion changes up so much, the low end bass disappears and the synth that plays the main melody that's panned to the right is extremely generic sounding.

My opinion: Keep the hihat sound going past the 0:32 mark and see how it sounds.. Might keep the shock down. Also try panning more of the hard non-backing percussions around more.

Work with a bit more reverb too. Some things seem to be in front or on top of other sounds. As well, some sounds are not loud enough, while a few could stand to be turned down a smidge.

Even though the intro is kinda simple, it still builds up the anticipation a bit. When the :32 hits, it doesn't going any higher.. just hits this kinda plateau. Like it needs more loud screaming synths and the backing percussions need to have more presence, more strength.

The thing at 2:09 sounds like the end of a song.. I don't what you were intending to do with it but just sounds funny

Find more complex synth sounds and try those out...

Try to find a less midi-sounding guitar PLEEEAAASSE!!

And what other people said, production is a big issue. Work the sound levels better, reverb, and plan the soundscape better.

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