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Link's Awakening - Enigmatic Trees WIP

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Yep, ANOTHER song I was working on... To be honest, I'm partially autistic so I can't keep working on the same song for long. Instead, I make 2 or 3 at the same time in a game of Tag... Sounds stranger than it actually works though...

Hahaha, anyways, Here's something I cooked up on a sleepless night, a spooky version of the Mysterious Forest, and a tiny bit of Saria's Song from Ocarina of Time. I'm kinda curious what you people think of it. I tried to make it not too repetitive, as the source is, like, short, so I'm playing with the bass a bit to keep on track... The Forest FX do their job too :wink:

Enigmatic Trees (128kbs MP3)

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Yeah, umm... Well, just don't go picture someone like Raymon (From the movie "Rainman") or something, 'cause that's a stereotype... I just... have my limitations on some things, like music... While I'm blessed with musical hearing (Meaning I can focus on a particular instrument and block all other sounds out), If I hear a particular tune too much, it becomes a blur... It's kinda hard to describe... So that's why I'm working on multiple songs/tracks at the same time. I though a little explanation was in order, because I'm running like 5 WIP's here now or something, before people start making their own interpetations :wink:

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I agree with Sengin: what's done so far seems to be all background type of stuff or sounds to be an intro to a more involving song.

At around 1:25, that sound I'm assuming is supposed to be the main melody of the whole song. Possibly making that louder would help.

I have to admit though the forest sounds are pretty sweet, and helps set the mood for this mix. Sounds decent so far, hope this gets some more work done on it. :-)

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What you've done so far is pretty interesting, but I'm left with a longing for something more. Nothing really happens; the song has pretty much the same energy level throughout the entire piece. I was hoping some sort of beat to come in at the 1:00 or so mark, and for the rest of the track to "come alive" and turn into a trance song. But alas, I was left disappointed...

The forest sounds do work well in this situation, but looped constantly through a 4 minute song, they become, well, annoying.

Like SynthesizedStampede said above, everything you have here seems like it's an intro to another song. Personally, I'd recommend turning what you have here into just that: an intro for another, "more involving" song. It doesn't have to be the in the trance genre (but I do think that'd work), just something more than some forest ambiance and sparse instrumentation.

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