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DKC - Northern Hemispheres ReMix

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OK, first, hello everybody. :smile:

2nd, the ReMix.

Titled "Arcanus Inverno". This mix is based off of DKC's Northern Hemispheres. It is a Drill n Bass / Industrial ReMix of the song. Normally, I would do trance, but I'm burnt out on producing trance as of now, so I tried my luck w/ DnB. The Industrial elements were thrown in so I could fit the "mood" I wanted in the song. I also understand it is rather short. This is because I wanted the momentum of the song to not decrease at all, and for the song to end very high-energy. Also note that this is a really big stretch from the original "Northern Hemispheres"; I took what they had (which wasn't much) and made it into something of my own creation. :-D I know it won't compare to Chekan Winter, though. xD


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too much, too too much.

Your mastering is atrocious, your drums sound really random and are pretty poorly done. I think the problem with your drums is you're not using any type of kit, or any basic kit (I'm sure that isn't the word I'm looking for), but you have several hats and kick going at once. I don't hear/notice any snare. As for it sounding random, you don't have a basic beat behind this. Everything just sounds like it's doing it's own thing, and it's clashing all over the place.

The overall song lacks direction and atmosphere. Again, I would say it's all very random.

I would like to say better luck next time, but seeing how you said you usually do trance, I would say stick to that until at least you improve your mastering and arrangement skills. Or at the VERY least, do something a little more simpler like Drum n Bass. Use drumloops to practice with if you have to.

Lastly, I can't tell what song you're remixing, although keep in mind that is not what I was criticizing.

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