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OC ReMix in the past


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I had accidentally found this site sometime towards the end of 2006 and los or forgot the site.... then rediscovered it After i saw Video Games Live in January this year (I think) and purchased the Earthworm Jim Anthology where Over Clocked Remix was credited in the booklet... lurked for a bit and then joined the fourms

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Yep, I still miss the blue. Much more roomy and less "arctic".

There was also the enourmous banner at the top, crowded with our icons. I think it, as part of the layout, was very appropriate for the site. The current banner focuses on the logo, while the VG character is a minuscle part of the background. In late 2003, when I first came here, OCR's existence was acknowledged purely through it's remixes, whereas now the community has gained more focus.

On an-almost-but-not-quite irrelevant note, that archived page features the remixes that I first saw here. Neat.

Wonder how long before that sidebar issue is revisited...

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Been here since 2001 or something, blue days for a long time anyway. Was forced to join when they made Unmod members only (wasn't that because of the immense amount of douchebagas that came in after an article innn... Egm? which magazine was that?)

What is miss most is the old school internet drama. Brought by people like Prot and Moggie (something to that extend) Is that guy still around under a different name?

Miss the asians threat :(

What I do like is people here becoming more like real life people, instead of weird flameready psychos that I treated like cartoon figures to laugh about. Serious, most of the old school gang were nothing more to me then 2D characters in my little amusement/being bored show :D

Actually, normal people were fun for 2 days or something.

Bring back Protricity!!!!!!!!

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