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I found this one to be the most fun to mess with. It takes your initial term (three to four words) and searches Google for the next most probable word. It removes the first word from the term and repeats it, basically writing out what the next most likely word is each time.

Here are some of mine, with what the initial term was in bold:

(was listening to a zircon-tefnek song)

"zircon is a natural part of life."

"tefnek is a blast, for- a Good cause/ By the Board of REGENTS is the governing body. of the World, s Most expensive Desserts."

"OCReMix is a website. about picture Books. and the book of The Year is a_ leap year. for example, if you want to be- a great- Dad_ awesome- idea. monkey I knew I loved_ you- Before I met- You baby, by Donna Summer Audio CD Cover dvd cover, dvd COVER dvd COVER" etc.

"djpretzel is a human right, which is the Better Alternative to Microsoft Office Project Server Unleashed/ dp/ k"

They also provide some weird personal issues:

"The clone army is the main force behind the creation of the state of the Union Address on Tuesday, night: I ll be gone For a while but I m at your page, right now I m naughty- Naughty SWEDEN! HOLLAND! germany/"

"Whether or not I should have thought, of that before we kissed"

But some are just plain weird:

"The emperor is naked: and wet. in the city. is a Rising senior at the University of the Pacific. is a dramatic monologue is a speech disorder is an illness that can be- used- to_ doing something. useful."

"the integral of a function is a function of the_ Orgasm is not the Answer The answer is in the air/"

"I'm selling these fine leather jackets cadmium"

"the global environment. Facility GEF) is a piece of+ CAKE is a moshi- Monster? moshi_ moshing. mother- Fuckers k so I m Pei E. x"

"The Bill of Rights the first ten amendments to the Constitution of the United States. of America: is a c) Dixon pastor of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, is a church for people who don t Know what+ i_ m doing. Owner: Nobody"

That's all I have - post your best ones.

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mind is perpetual motion its symbol is the pentacle, a five- pointed star, which is the remnant of a supernova explosion at HALF the Age of the universe is determined by the Level of the gas in the cylinder is.

she weighs the same as a duck she s made of wood. and leather and is currently on the boards of the one side of the. moon? k

meaning of life is a Highway I wanna ride it all night long? All night) long

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Political and philosophical things are fun to put in.

Mohammed is a terrorist. state. by the number of the Beast is a great idea, for a- Summer- s- Day?

The only way to God? A book, of Prayers for children. and Young Adults, in the United States, The Declassified History New York: The Free Press, pp. F7

God is a dj by Pink. on the Links: between research and Practice in the United States, of America.

the internet is a series of- UNFORTUNATE events/ k

Hinduism is a religion of peace. By President Bush. AND President sarkozy- of France UPON Arrival to the U. of M

terrorism is a middle school or high school Diploma at home.

the world is a Kitchen, Cooking Your Way Through Culture, stories, Recipes, and Resources.

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Freedom is about to- get The facts about the International Meteor Organization, (IMO) was held in China. k Way. partitioning problem, is the New York City Web site It's All About Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

James Coburn was an actor and a director of the Central_ Bank of The United States of America. He is the Father of the Bride dresses and Gowns for all Occasions.

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parakeet is good food did I mention that i- LOVE my job!

I am not the only one selling- iPhones_ anymore

Sex is not the Answer by the way

zombies will kill you They will kill you if you DON t know about Women,

unmod is dead Long Live the king

most girls are not allowed to be- a great- Dad_

stop editing this post to a group of Noble dames

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velociraptors will eat the plants and animals of the World s Most expensive Desserts. w/ pics: Some of the most important Thing you_ can- Do- It! Rosie- the Riveter World War II

tony stark will be a SP3 version of the GNU project, s replacement for The soul- of+ a NEW machine/ Part I

overclocked remix is a very Bad Idea

computers are planning to Replace_ the battery. in the nose rather than the Enemy. s Mind: Inside Star Gate America s Psychic Spiesâ New York: Times The Web. site lincat, July did did you. see that/ you are a_ Terroristâ You re just In+ time! For the United States. of America. He is the Father of the Bride Dresses, and Gowns. for all Occasions. Catering in Waldo. Ohio, and Vicinity

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5th graders will be able to detect_ the spread of HIV.

cheesecake is good but not Great. k rate and a pound of Flesh. from the bones. of the skull.

Nintendo's next console will be a success. But I don t know what i_ m doing.

google sucks so i m finding It Harder to get into the groove.

Use Google talk by entering three or four words to describe the work: of the International Law Association.

Let's kill google so Microsoft will have to wait for the Wagon and the boy Scouts of America.

this post is over months old and we re still not Getting it.

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Shin Megami Tensei Persona Review did did bar blues my Kingdom for a Horse farm in the Zoo s education Department. is. to provide a SkyEdge broadband satellite network to provide Content for your- Blog. k hy. McCabe and I am not A Christian. Perhaps it is time to make the Most of your- time/ and your Life/ you can t get Enough of that Stuff is a big Fat idiot2 and Other Observations. by T. Vanmunster. vsnet- Alert That eclipses of the Sun Half marathon in minutes, the Times Tables. is a nightmare. By G. K. Chesterton. k Angielscy pisarze http: pl. wikipedia. org/ wiki/ D0 C5 United is spirit of the Century as a decimal number, to binary number system The BINARY, system is a Set of Six by Seven k Scott The Richest Man in Babylon, by_ George S. Kaufman was a member of the European_ Union EU) is a German- Ruse Germany Behind the Mask The Rise of_ the Machines/ k M decided to go back to_ school- tips for Parents. of children with special needs children, and their families www. freedomcalls. org; The Freedom Forum s First ever scratch- Car- dâ Captiva- cum- lottery ticket. Engadget PM;

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The first one is the best:

the chozo are a fictional race of beings who are not As They appear}

super metroid is a game of Thrones A Clash OF Civilizations? and the remaking- of World Order

arcueid brunestud is not a racist but. The Moral QUANDARY of Race

kozue amano is most famous for his work on the iPhone

OC ReMix should be available to the public in the st Louis County Missouri

square enix will be hosting a book signing at the DC booth/ Minx table3 SUNDAY, July th: at pm

the nintendo ds is a good thing. for- Your- website- blog or- other site feature

i can has cheezburger? k thx by.

he who controls the past controls the future: Who controls the present controls the past. Goerge Orwell.

welcome to corneria I Like Swords I like swords I like swords I like swords

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