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Objection! (Phoenix Wright)


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Alright, so I just finished up both the Phoenix Wright games on DS and figured I'd mess around with some of the songs. I won't even pretend this is a good remix though (yet, anyways), mostly because there are issues with over-compression and very little actual arranging going on, not to mention it's my first time trying out this kind of music.


If you've got any suggestions for it I'll try fixing this up a bit.


(The intro is Nick's cell phone ringtone :P)

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I'll start by saying I like the bass instrument you used, but sadly, it's downhill from here. :-(

Here are my "Objections"

1. Length is way too short

2. Mixing throughout is uneven, the sounds are generally weak (with the exception of the bass), and the drums have no power

3. There is no arrangement at all, it's a medley, sortof, with objection and detective gumshoe

Sorry dude, but this needs a ton of work.

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I'm not familiar with the originals, but it sounds like this needs quite a bit more development arrangement-wise. The track doesn't seem to be driving at anything. It just plays one theme, then the drums fade out, then come back in for the second theme with the same synths. You need to think about how you want to structure the song as a whole and then work on more dynamic variation.

A little weird panning on this track. Not sure why the entired intro is panned hard left.

Also, the objection samples seem more slapped on to the mix rather than acentuating anything or adding any value to the song. You might want to consider removing them completely. Either that, or save it for until it makes sense contextually in the song to have this sort of sample (i.e. as part of the climax of a big buildup or a transition between two sections of the song).

Don't get too discouraged though, I just think you need to listen to the structure of songs in this genre to get an idea of how the piece should flow. I look forward to hearing your next version.

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Hey, thanks for the comments and critiques. I'll try to address some of those now..

As for the arrangement, I know there's really very little going on, I even stated so myself. I guess I wanted to stay close to the original material a little too much.

As for the weak sounds you mentioned, OA. I can kind of understand that, heh. I always get comments about my drums being weak, though I'm really not too sure what I can do to make them more "powerful" as you put it.

The panning was intentional... I had something different in mind when I started out on the song but scrapped that idea and I left the panning in there by accident :/ I've fixed that intro part since then and a few other channel's panning.

Anyways, with all that said, I'm not so sure I'll be revisiting this particular remix. Most likely what I'll do is take the criticisms from here, work on fixing these types of errors/weak parts, and work on another remix from the ground up.

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For a first time, you did pretty decent; it definitely has potential. The beat flowed nicely and sounded pretty good, but it lacks something. There needs to be some fast-beat drums to make it sound progressive and something that can cover the original beat you have, or basically make a main melody. Keep trying though, I see this as being able to become very good if you work on it and master it.

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