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Tetris - Mysterious Combination

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I like the epic sounding intro. The drums have a lot of power to them, but the other instruments playing alongside them seem weak or subdued in comparison, particularly the brass and flute (which i can barely hear). Balance the volume there.

The shift out of the intro is kinda sudden; if you want to do a really explosive transition, do more of a build up before hand. Also, while youve done a good job filling things up with the pads, I think more melodic interpretation and non-sustained harmonic elements would add depth to this song. Its somewhat muddy at points as well, but I dont think it detracts very much from the piece....just something to work on as you progress with this.

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Ah, I love orchestral mixes. Really good start - just needs some more lovin'. I like those drums at the start, but I really wish they had some more reverb on them, in fact, I wish the whole orchestra had some more reverb ( simply because virtual orchestras sound like crap).

I also noticed right off the bat that you have some repetition issues in the strings and brass- try messing with velocities to get the two notes to sound "different."

The orchestra could probably be compressed as well to help level out things - not too much, though. The trance drums, though, need some work. Eq up the low end of the kick and give it some body.

Sorry to say it, but you're just going to have to do the worst part of remixing ever - going back and adding more patterns and changing stuff up - the second part did not feel like it changed at all. Entertain me! Tell me a story! (sorry, what my composition teacher says)

All in all, not bad, just put in the time to really fine tune things - once you get nice sound, the ideas will just pop right out. looking forward to updates!

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