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I got a flute

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My music education skills have solved your problem. Blow INTO the flute, not at it.

Ok, bad joke aside, here's what might help.

First, take only the head joint (the thinger you blow into, not the other two parts with keys). Place the hole directly over your lips (centered), then roll the entire thing down until the hole is roughly parallel. That's the basic placement.

Next, think that you're sucking on a strand of spaghetti. That's a very basic embouchure. Blow across the hole (not really in, as I said earlier). Try adjusting things to make it work. It takes practice, and flute is one of the harder instruments to first learn how to play.

If that doesn't work, there might be other factors that are affecting things. Like, your lips might not be suited to play. Larger/smaller lips make placement different, and if you have a teardrop embouchure you might be screwed.

Good luck.

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Nice work on choosing a Flute. Oboe would have been cool too. Those Clarinetists are heathens, all of them.

Hahaha, thanks. Clarinet was my first instrument, though the bass clarinet is far superior. I'm trying to catch 'em all though.

Also, people seem to quickly forget that this is a music site. :razz:

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Ok, I'd normally be loathe to admit this, but I played the flute for a while years and years ago. I switched to saxophone since, though, which is much cooler (same fingerings as flute too) and gave my flute to my sister.

Anyway, the embouchure is a little difficult to get the hang of at first, so it takes some practice and working up the strength of your facial muscles. DA gave the basic starting point as far as rolling the mouthpiece to get the right position and lip shape.

What you'll also need to do, once you have the above right, is to tighten the muscles on the sides of your mouth to focus the air. If you have it right, it'll look like you're slightly smiling in the mirror. Also, the muscles on the sides of your mouth should feel tense if you touch them. Then, blow the air across the top of the hole in the mouthpiece to generate the sound. Once you start getting your sound, you should be able to judge, based on airyness of the sound, whether you need to angle the mouthpiece more towards you or away from you.

Hope this helps.

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