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OCR00834 - *YES* Chrono Trigger "Lavos Battle (dnBoss Mix)"


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Hi, to whom ever is reading this (djpretzel, or another staff member?)

I was recently introduced to this site, remix.overclocked.org, and have

become interested in adding one of my remixs to your archives! As this is my

first time, I'm kind of vague as to what to say, so I'll just get straight

to the info about my song.

Title: Chrono Trigger - Lavos Battle (dnBoss remix)

Artist: ABG

Year: 2002

My website is www.mp3.com/djabg

My email is aredguitar@hotmail.com

My real name (if you need it) is Shawn Overn

I think thats all the info the Submission Guidlines say you need, so... ^_^

You can download the mp3 from my mp3.com site (http://www.mp3.com/djabg) I posted the track in your WIP forums for comments and I've gotten nothing

but positive feedback, so I hope there won't be any problems adding it to

your archives!

Thank you!




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Interesting intereperetation of the original. The execution isn't half bad, either! I only have two complaints: the part that sounded like the Chrono Trigger theme could have been expanded on a lot - as it is, it seems like it was thrown in just because you wanted to reference the original. While not a bad thing, it's better if you can make it make sense within the context of the song as well, and expanding on it could do a lot here. My second gripe is the fade-out ending - I think this is begging for something a little stronger!

Regardless of those gripes, though, I think this is a YES

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That is my review

maybe if I can aquire the song in some other less time consuming manner, I'll give it a review.

Please direct link in the future. Thank you


(PS. no 'yes' or 'no' just yet, I'll probably give in and register just to hear it later on...)


Thank you for your interest in MP3.com. Unfortunately, due to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), we will need to redirect you to another web site within the Vivendi Universal Family of companies. We apologize for any inconvenience this may pose.

What the HELL?

Is this some kind of sick joke????

BAH! I'll just get rob's link,...


Well, its not a midi rip, thats good


Original concept

Movin beat


Sorta simple

MONO!!!!!!!!! D:

More could be done

Good enough with the ideas presented.

Next time nix the repeating and fade plzkth



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For Prot:


Well this is certainly a style for a Lavos mix that I didn't expect. Unfortunately I'm none too keen on the mix, some parts kind of sound empty, maybe that was the intention? Maybe I'm just used to mixes with lots of reverb. I'm not too sure on this one, but I'm gonna have to go with my gut.

My gut says, Maybe

Only kidding. I like it, just not too sure on the emptyness I'm hearing.

Vote: Yes

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This has 4 yesses... Why is this still up here? ARE YOU JUST WAITING FOR ME TO SAY NO TO IT?!?!? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?!?


Let me download this and figure out why, in some objective sense, this sucks.

Nice handle on the beats. Whoever this mysterious musician is, he certainly knows how to bust a groove quite well in the dnb category. But this mono thing really bugs me. Here's why:

If you're using software for your instruments, then I can't understand why it'd be in mono, unless all of your samples are in mono, but even if that's the case, you can always stereo detune the samples so they at least FAKE stereo. I mean, if you listen to the original, it's all OVER the place in the stereo field, panning from left to right and back again, over and over again. Maybe that annoyed you and so you overcorrected or something, but mono, these days, is just dull. Now if you were using hardware for sounds, I can almost understand. if you don't ahve the right connection to go from your board to the computer, I could see why it'd come in as mono, but there's a really easy way around this: Get the right cables. Most boards have a 1/4" out for each channel, one for left, one for right, sometimes more. But usually, they have a right and left line out quarter-inch jack. Your computer most likely has one 1/8" input jack and so you need some cable setup that goes from a male 1/8" to two male 1/4" connectors.

Get two of these:

Phono Plug Adapter

and one of these:

6-Ft Specialty Y-Adapter

Put 'em together, run 'em from your computer to your board, and then record.

And yes, I know that with four yesses there's no real difference if I vote NO right now, but that mono thing is really annoying.


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Nice remix, but the actual mp3 is terrible. being in mono seriously

kills it. it sounds like it was recorded from speakers with a microphone.

I dont think this should be posted in it's current state. Also, the

fade out ending is pretty weak.

so let me say this is a VERY STRONG NO.

If were were just talking about the arrangement, sure, but not like this.

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