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Ladies + gents, put your hands together for the new judges...


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Yeah, I think you guys are all misunderstanding when LionTamer says that he's got 0 remixes to judge. That just means that LIONTAMER has finished all the judging work that only HE'S got. Everybody else, still has stuff to judge and that's why there are still like 60 remixes in the "to be judged" list.

...I think.

Anyway, I'd like my question answered by someone. Does this mean that two judges have recently quit?

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Who else knew of Palpable before he became a judge? :nicework:

Me. I've been using Marble Madness as the intro bumper to my radio show/podcast for several years now. I remember in fact when I posted a thread asking for permission to use it and Darkesword responded with "You should know Palpable never posts on the forums" or something to that effect.

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