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Some Demos


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I have 6 songs up. The genres vary between them. I also redid the Usher song, and I think it's a whole lot better now. The 6 songs are as follows:


- Walk This Way - Aerosmith \\ rock

- Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton \\ rock \ easy listening


- Billy Jean - Michael Jackson \\ pop \ r&b \ motown

- If You Don't Know Me By Now - Simply Red \\ pop \ easy listening


- American Soldier - Toby Keith \\ country

- Burn - Usher \\ pop \ r&b

You can download / stream them at -- http://www.4shared.com/account/dir/4545648...55/sharing.html

I did take after take after take after take on some of these to try and get a good solid performance out of each of these. I'm still not entirely happy with Walk This Way though. I'm also planning to do 3 more songs before I upload everything on my brand new YouTube channel.

I have a Justin Timberlake song (yeah I know, call me crazy) that I am going to do. It's a brand new one that was recently released as a single, and it's doing extremely well on the charts right now. For a modern pop song, it's not that bad actually.

Also, I'm thinking of doing "Hero" from Nickelback. Does this song interest anyone? Again, I'm trying to be diverse in my music, so I'm thinking that doing this rock song will help appeal to more demographics.

And for another song... I don't know! Really I need one more good modern r&b / pop song to do. But it can't have explicit lyrics, and I have to actually like it at least a little! If anyone has any suggestions for what song I could do, let me know. I'd prefer something very recent (like within the past couple months) that was a big hit.

Any opinions or suggestions on my performances are also welcome.

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