It's not an episode of "Dr. Who," it's Return All Robots!, a PC/Xbox Indie Games title produced by startup developer Space Whale Studios! Co-founded by OC ReMixer and ex-judge zircon (aka Andrew Aversa) in 2009, Space Whale was formed with the sole intent of creating easily playable, retro-inspired games with addicting depth and awesome music. RAR! is the indie studio's debut release, an action-puzzle adventure inspired by classics like Chip's Challenge, Lemmings and Bomberman.

RAR!, available now for 240 MSP on the Xbox Indie Games marketplace, features over 45 fiendish levels, in-game stat tracking, mutated turtles, hidden secrets, a lighthearted story, quirky artwork and an 18-song soundtrack composed by zircon. Space Whale Studios spent nearly a year developing the game and to celebrate its release, they've teamed up with OC ReMix to make the entire soundtrack available for FREE!
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In September 2010, the OC ReMix community was invited to take a shot at remixing the original soundtrack, and over a dozen entries were submitted. So not only can you download all the source tunes, but many of these remixes as well from artists like WillRock, Nutritious, Mattias Häggström Gerdt, Joshua Morse, Flexstyle, Xenon Odyssey, Radiowar and more! Did we mention it's FREE?

Of course, if you're the type that really takes your soundtrack collecting seriously, Space Whale Studios and zircon have printed a deluxe physical soundtrack available at CD Baby and various digital distributors. The deluxe version features an extended cut of the Training Montage theme as well as the Epic Trailer music and two bonus remixes from chiptune artists George & Jonathan and bibble. Not to mention sweet robo-art.
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