ReMix: Mega Man "Cut Man Sonata" 2:38

By MkVaff

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classical piano romantic sad solo solo-piano tempo-moderate
Arranging the music of one song...

"Cut Man Stage"

Primary Game: Mega Man (Capcom, 1987, NES), music by Manami Matsumae

Posted 2000-12-10, evaluated by djpretzel

If you know the cutman theme, you MIGHT be expectin' a bumpin techno version from our man McVaffe . . . but, in a daring defiance of all rational expectations, what does he give us? A touching sonata rendition of one of the blue wonder's better tracks, that Liszt and Amadeus alike would be proud of. The emotion, the flow, and the sound quality are all top-notch McVaffe, and the ability to turn this theme into a great solo piece for piano just screams for major props. SOMEONE has to get a younger brother, sister, or hell - even themselves to play this at a piano recital. I've heard the Entertainer so many god damn times, this would just kick ass. Thank you, maestro :)


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on 2013-06-16 13:17:00

I love Cutman's theme on just about everything, be it a rocking stage, techno beat, whatever. But the melody of Cutman just seems right at home in this sonata right here. McVaffe brings out the emotion tenfold on this one. Very cool.

on 2011-03-10 21:09:27
Wow, Mega Man played with piano, great. Does anyone have the sheet of the song? I can't find it :cry:.

Sheet music was transcribed, and sadly I was SIX YEARS too late.

{mimicking Nancy Kerrigan} "WHY!?" :cry:

SubNormal J3
on 2011-02-20 00:39:10

Very nice take on the theme.

0:43 beautiful use of the 6/8 time sig

1:05 this transition is wonderful

2:23 the development to an ending here is unexpected, but it works perfectly

Holy Land
on 2010-10-02 12:12:04

McVaffe has some of the most memorable pieces in this site, and this is certainly one of them.

on 2010-04-22 11:24:19

The melody works surprisingly well with this treatment, though I was hoping for a few more trills and ornamentation. Great rubato, and the track itself is short but sweet. I do think the 2 hands are panned a bit severely, but it makes transcribing things a little easier. :-)

There's some clipping on the left hand side around 2:25, but otherwise it sounds really nice. Another victory for McVaffe!

The Damned
on 2010-01-06 01:32:51

Hey, guess what?

Your remix was used as the background music for a really awesome Mega Man themed video!

on 2009-12-16 17:50:29

ONe of my classic favs from OCR. Even after all these years this song stands the test of time in every department. Pure ear candy dude!

on 2009-12-16 13:23:05
What do you get when you cross McVaffe with a piano?

Total awesomeness.

Also known as...this piece.

That made me lol because it's so true.

This has a certain slightly emotionally bittersweet pained aspect to it, like the Phantom of the Opera or Davey Jones at an organ except it's Cutman at a piano.

I can also see this being a ballad almost. Definitely one of my favorite piano arrangements

on 2009-12-11 20:48:48

What do you get when you cross McVaffe with a piano?

Total awesomeness.

Also known as...this piece.

An oldie but goodie.

on 2008-12-18 11:53:56

Cutman's theme seems to be one of those tracks that you should only attempt in certain styles. When I saw it was called Cutman Sonata, I was cautious, but McVaffe has a way of making you enjoy things you wouldn't expect to.

I actually think it is funny just how good this is. McVaffe has taken something fast-paced and energetic, and turned it into an sonata. And it works beautifully.

This track for me is a statement to what OCR are about. Take a remix, and give it your own personal flair. No other remix does that quite as well as this one. Not sure if I can give any higher praise than that. One of the best mixes on the site that I have heard thus far.

on 2008-09-29 19:46:52

another ocr classic!

i've been enjoying this FULLON since the beginning!

you should make another megaman sonata NOW ;)

on 2007-10-08 21:15:10

Excellently arranged and played, however in terms of the recording, I felt the left and right hands were panned too far apart! Like, really too far!

Great job otherwise!

on 2007-05-23 11:31:51

Wow, Mega Man played with piano, great. Does anyone have the sheet of the song? I can't find it :cry:.

on 2007-01-24 09:36:57

GREAT piano work though.

on 2005-09-22 10:19:27

Didn´t think the cutmantheme would be this good in piano. I adored the ending where the speed for once increased and bursted out with a few second pianosolo.

Thank ye one again, thy excellent remixer known as Vaffe.

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Primary Game:
Mega Man (Capcom, 1987, NES)
Music by Manami Matsumae
"Cut Man Stage"

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Romantic, Sad
Piano, Solo Piano
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Time > Tempo: Moderate

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