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    • This is huge. Great work and a big thank to everyone who helped to make this huge torrent. I Will check this out.
    • Just slightly over a day let. Only 1 entry in. Let's see if anyone can top that! 
    • Absolutely, keep me posted  ! With @evktalo's comment I may just reach out to those with tracks in-progress/almost done, and just go with the current track roster so far.  There's 7 tracks finished actually, so you're right in that it would make a great album as is :). I may take that route (I'm not sure how to get an album artist for OC Remix projects tbh).
    • Whew boy it's been awhile. We're back with the first (long overdue) update to the VGMix Archive. For anyone who's not familiar: VGMix Archive is a growing archive of songs that were hosted on VGMix, VGMix 2, and VGMix X. The site first launched on April 1st, 2012, over 6 years after VGMix 2 went down, and is comprised of various music donated by users from throughout the community. The original release of VGMix Archive had around 1,700 songs, but this update brings that number up to over 3,500 songs. Where did all these new songs come from? The community has been remarkably helpful at locating a lot of these songs. Over the past few years, a number of individuals have come forward to help out and make contributions from their own music libraries. These members include @Nario , @F4T4L_3RR0R, and @Txai to name a few. Additionally, one of herograw's long-standing buried VGMix archives was added as well. However, by far the biggest contribution came from a user named Bradless, who worked the original VGMix 3, and contacted me via IRC with a huge library of over 12GBs worth of music. The addition of this library has been phenomenal.  How do you know what songs are really from VGMix? How do you know what you're missing? The short answer is: We don't know for sure. There are bound to be some songs that may not have been on VGMix, but we trying to make sure that the site is filled with songs that are relevant to VGMix. The best guide we have right now is the last web archive of the songs page of VGMix 2, which is from February 8th, 2006. The site went down less than a month later. Level99/Stevo helped put together a Google Doc of songs missing from the original release, and we've been using it to check up against libraries we've been receiving. This does not contain every song that was on VGMix 2. VGMix 2 was broken up into several "tiers" of music, based on user reviews. Anything below the "Good Stuff" tier was not displayed by default and, incidentally, doesn't seem to have a good record on the web archive. For this reason, we do not reject songs based on their lack of inclusion in this document. We simply use it as a guide to make sure they're in-line with other content that was on the site. Weren't there any full backups of VGMix?   As far as VGMix 1 goes, I'm fairly certain that's a "No". VGMix 1 had tons of songs and was basically just an "upload what you'd like" file host with very little in way of sorting or organizing. I've never heard of any real backup of songs besides individual libraries, and verifying songs from VGMix 1 is extremely difficult outside of good faith on the library owner. For VGMix 2? Maybe. At the time VGMix 2 went down it was said that virt did have a full backup of all the songs (and users, and reviews) that were on the site. These were allegedly copied over to a new server to be implemented into VGMix 3, but VGMix 3 never came. When VGMix X launched, the songs were nowhere to be found. It's been nearly 13 years now, and I've been collecting songs for the archive for nearly 7 years (Yes, the time between VGMix 2 and VGMix Archive 1.0 is less than the time between VGMix Archive 1.0 and 2.0. I'm not happy about that, either). If a full backup of VGMix 2 exists somewhere, I've yet to see it. As for VGMix X backups, the libraries I have received thus far have been very small, but I've received some leads that some users out there may have full, or very large, backups. I'm still working on getting in contact with these individuals (fingers crossed).   How do I get all the songs? Songs are available for individual stream and download from the site. Right now the site is pretty barebones so it's basically a huge list of over 3000 songs, but it does load very quickly and have an instant search function if you're looking for a specific song. If you want the entire archive there is a torrent available, but as of right now: there is 1 seed. Furthermore, if you had an older torrent of the archive, it may not work very well because there have been large changes to the entire library since the initial release. If you are interested in helping me seed, please contact me directly, and I can give a small number of users a full dump in RAR form. However, my bandwidth is not infinite, so please serious inquiries only. What's next for VGMix Archive? The absolute #1 priorty right now is completed the list of known missing songs. For the "Stuff of Legends" tier, that means 3 songs and for the "Must-Haves" tier that means about 50. We're very close on those 2 fronts and I'm hopeful we can complete them soon. I've reached out to several individuals that may have the songs I'm missing, but I've yet to hear back from anyone. If you or someone you know has any of the songs missing from those 2 categories please let me know. You can check the above Google Doc for reference, but the 3 Stuff of Legends songs are: Water Music. A Suikoden remix by Michael Dover, aka Israfel on OverClocked ReMix. Brain Hill Zone (piano remix) by A Pansy, aka Eric Barker and Nior on OverClocked ReMix. Keep Going [CandyMix] by JH or Jonas Hellsberg. I have reached out to Eric via email and Jonas via twitter, but I do not have any reliable way to contact Michael. The "Good Stuff" tier is the biggest of the 3, so it's taken the longest to verify against the existing library. Many of the songs in that tier may already be on the site or may be sitting on my hard drive with some missing data waiting to be verified. Beyond the songs currently on the site, I still have over 1000 songs waiting to be processed. Most of these are missing some sort of data and need to be verified individually. This means they have empty tags and are missing either the artist or game name. All I know for sure is that the songs missing from the top 2 tiers are not included in that 1000. Additionally, I'd really like to build up the VGMix X library more. So, again, if you or anyone you know has a large number of verified VGMix X songs, please let me know. Finally, in an ideal world we could hopefully "rebuild" VGMix 2. That is: Rebuild a static mirror of the old site, with comments and descriptions of every song. Many of the songs have this information available on the archive, so the ideal plan would be to start scrubbing that data, adding it to a new database, and building out a mirror based on that. This would not be a fully functional site, however. We're still focusing our efforts on the new VG(Re)Mix project for that.   Thanks again to all the people who've helped along the way. I truly couldn't have done this without all of your help. Please let me know if you can help improve the archive in anyway!
    • Definitely agree with @SubNormal J3 about the bass. I may be biased, being an absolute Sonic CD lover, but enjoyed this remix a lot!
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