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    • Cool video! Hopefully attracts even more eyeballs. 
    • rubber-stamping this one. emunator highlighted the problems with the lead guitar in a few places, and i also agree that the mixdown is messy and the clipping needs fixing. sounds like it was done on some closed-ear headphones that are more for listening vs. mixing - there's tons of beef in the middle and much less low end, and the highs are just cymbals. the drums actually sound pretty good considering it was a single mic that handled it all. i think my main complaint is that the guitar volumes seem to be all over the place, and EQ is very mid heavy. it gets quite tiring to listen to pretty fast. cleaner mix and this is a pass for me.     NO
    • Simply a case of not being in my news sphere, I guess. 
    • this track was a pleasure to listen to. you've nailed the aesthetic so well with this - synth work, percussion, the grit on everything, the mastering, it's all fantastic. there's room for the track to breathe in the arrangement, there's a clear and over-arching journey we're travelling, and there's a ton of creativity in getting from point a to point b. this would be an instant classic. i spent quite a bit of time thinking about the arrangement aspect of this one. having been told where the verse/chorus concepts come from, i can definitely hear the influence the original track has on the arrangement. i kept coming back to this in the standards, emphasis mine: so i believe the source material is dominant but not identifiable in this track. the verse section is a great example of using augmentation (a musical term used to indicate the increase of note values, and by extension as its use as the opposite of diminution, the removal of flourishes) to fit into the style. i found the verse correlation to be present but not immediately identifiable since it's so augmented. the chorus section as well uses parts of the correlating section from the original, but only part, and because it's essentially just four or five notes of that section, it isn't even as correlative as the verse section was (which was already pretty loose). counting the verse into rexy's calculations above gets it over 50%, but only just, and only with a very charitable interpretation of the timings. i think ultimately, although i initially didn't want to NO this, i'm going to have to. it's just not close enough. it'd be fine for a project mix but it isn't enough for a mixpost. adding even a little more correlation between your verse/chorus sections and the original's verse/chorus sections without losing the originality and great arrangement you're displaying will be enough for me.     NO
    • Are there new allegations against Soule? If not, I'm not sure how it's only now come to your attention. The news about Nathalie Lawhead* was back in 2019. * - As far as I know, I'm not related to Nathalie Lawhead. I did email her to ask if she knew any family relationship between us and never got a response.
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