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    • heres a great remix that needs to happen  the game is blast corps any of the songs but my personal fave is a song title havoc district. if someone would do a few tracks from the game or just this one that would be great!    
    • So this was a blast to remix.  More challenging than I thought.  But I was fighting off a food sensitivity whilst doing it.  Stupid delicious bread and its yeast T_T (edit over 9000) O right, since this is a BONUS, I took the liberty to make the intro and outro Rolf's dream / Prologue.  Uh yeah.  This image is totally not a spoiler.  And holy camel-toe Batman.  Too spicy rofl.  May as well link my SC since link is weird at PRC...  
    • I'm no pro at creating the visual aspects for the Youtube medium but having been at this for 1.5 years and am only now just finishing up my first music video that's not completely unwatchable, I can share some of the very general things i've learned.  Expect to spend significantly more time in your studio if you choose to go this route but if you have the social life to slay then definitely go for it as creating all aspects of a music video is very rewarding... ...just not in any monetary way... You can start by looking up some animated work you are fond of and find out what programs they use. Mostly though you are going to decide between working with a 3D modeling program like blender or a 2D VFX program like After Effects. There is some overlap between the two but what you choose is GREATLY going to impact how you work and how much time it takes to render.  I was interested in learning Blender up until a short time ago as I realized just how long it would take to create and render a simple 10 second animation.  Since there are only 24 hours in a day, and you need to hit a few hundred hours at least before you know enough to create something original, I decided After Effects was more what I wanted to go for and spending what time I could on it would be more beneficial.   Once you've pulled the trigger on a piece of software start looking up various tutorials to create what interests you. Something to keep in mind though is that unlike the way a lot of DAW's are these days not a whole lot of what you learn beyond the various theories carries over between programs well. To clarify, if you start with something like Blender due to the low cost of entry (free) then decide to jump to something else it will be like learning from the ground up again so spend some time doing your research beforehand.   Good luck with your project!
    • i'm looking for people with a background in both classical and video game music(Final Fantasy mostly) to be part of a youtube documentary I wanna make for my Patreon: PM/email me if interested for more details: People I would like to get: @XPRTNovice @sphexic @Jillian Aversa Jeremy Robson Derek Oren @Chad Seiter @Rexy @BogusRed @djpretzel site founder Jake Kaufman Tommy Pedrini And of course(tossing wishes at unicorns here): Nobuo Uematsu these people worked on ff15 Yoko Shimomura Yasunori Mitsuda ep ignis Taku Iwasaki ep. ardyn(who else teared up at the main menu theme?)      
    • You're right. Maybe I should just do it myself. I actually came to realize some things since I originally posted. When Unreal 4 was released for free I played around in it a bit, and watched some speed level design videos. I thought I wanted to make a game, got overwhelmed with how little I knew about game development and quit. I did like messing around with environments. Even before this, I was working on a game (got an hour of gameplay done) in RPG maker VX. Before that I finished a quest in Zelda Classic, but the gameplay was rather boring. People enjoyed exploring the world I created (there were single areas that were the size of the whole overworld from Zelda 1). I had much more fun doing level design than anything else. Essentially, every time I wanted to sit down and make a game, I got swept away in the visual aspect and designing the world. The end result was basically a playable movie with a good soundtrack (music composition being the other area I would focus on). Yesterday, I came to the realization that I never actually wanted to make a game. I just wanted to tell a story. I'm going to embrace this now. Do you have any tips of how to start?
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