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    • If you want to hear more of this type of stuff (I do a lot of piano and rock/metal stuff) feel free to subscribe to my youtue channel by clicking this link:  i already subbed to yours. thanks for the feedback! it's funny, most people just say "I like it."  You have to talk to someone who makes music seriously to get real feedback.  haha.  yeah my best instrument is piano. it's a great instrument to learn composition and theory on because you can very easily change chords and see how the chords interplay with the melody.   i agree, bass and guitar tone is a challenge for me, i get better every time i record, but it's surprisingly difficult to get a good sound! I blame the knobs! too many knobs and i want to turn them all! the lufia soundtrack is good all around if you like rpg music.  
    • I completely understand. Mixing is not one of my strong suits either, even when I use headphones. I wing it with Audacity, but still don't always wind up with the mix I desire. Anyway, if you can DM me a short musician bio, any information you want to share about the process you went through for creating your remix, and your social media contacts, that'd be great. I want to make sure to include a PDF with every contributors information as part of the album. Also, if you submit your Ken mix to OC Remix, best of luck getting your submission accepted by the judges panel! 
    • I've never actually heard this theme before. Lovely piece. I did listen to the original first and then your cover. Well.. I wish I could play piano like that and write piano arrangements like that but I'm lost in the piano world. I really liked that about your track, seriously. Piano arrangement was top notch. I think the pace of the track was great, you didn't try to hurry the song along and that really shows skill in someone's ability to tell a story with music. Something I must improve on myself and that I admire in your case. Bring bass tone into the song a little, it sounds a little dry in comparison to the other instruments, IMO. But you wanna know the really great news? I'm listening to this a second time, because I WANT to. I don't usually do that with others work too often  I'd like to hear more piano from you in the future. The variety of instruments is lovely and you have I suppose a Gilmour-esque guitar feel to the lead parts which is nice. I do think that when the first heavy guitar chuggs come in that the rhythm tone is a little muddy and could benefits from a dryer tone with more presence and a little less gain. Take out the gain and quad track the guitars and you'll get a massive beefy rhythm guitar. Also when you built up the drums and then everything stopped, I think it fell kinda flat. I was all ready for a huge BOOM!  Just my opinion. I hope that wasn't too negative. I only say the things I say with love because I really enjoyed the track. This is by no means an attack on your technical or writing ability. It's more of a production thing for me. I really liked it! ^.^
    • Sounds like a blast! I might have to have someone mix my track though. It's been done on some really crappy speakers with a broken volume pot! ^.^ It could be a whole lot better with some better drum samples, mixing and mastering.
    • I guess when it's something you've created and is unique to your fingers, dexterity and various abilities, it's easy. Some of the Soilwork guitar parts aren't so difficult. The solo's however, are another story. But again, imitating a style is so much harder when it's unique, than playing things your own way!

      I've still yet to see Soilwork live for various... private reasons haha!
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