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    • Thanks so much! That's very reassuring to hear! Next step is to record the analog synth track but that might take a while. Will post an updated track when I'm satisfied with that.
    • Hey everyone! I know it's been a while since I was last routinely active on OCR.  Let's just say that the past four years of university have been, well, distracting at best.  However, I do have a favor of you to ask: An ensemble at my university that I'm a member of has been invited to perform at the Jazz Education Network annual conference this January in Reno, NV, which is an incredible opportunity. Unfortunately, our School of Music is not currently able to fund the entire trip for us to travel from North Carolina to Reno and back, and so the students of the ensemble decided to set up a gofundme page to help tackle the funding issue. I know this may be a stretch, but any little bit you could give will go a long way in getting our ensemble to Reno for this amazing opportunity! For more, visit the link above and to watch/listen to a recording of an original work we hope to perform in Reno. Thank you for your support!
    • To me Zircon, Sixto and WillRock, to name a few... I dig what they did (/do) and they inspired me to push myself and get my chops to a postable level in those early days. Even though I hardly interacted with them at the time (even though I did manage to bribe Sixto into a solo for reasons still unclear). Especially the composing streams by Zirc were great to get a glimpse of the chef in the kitchen, if you will. Also Eino Keskitalo for being open to collaborate with a newbie in the Shovel Knight team compo, where we did 2 lovely tracks and we still try and do some collabs every now and then. Sir_Nuts for being a fellow Italo/Synthwave enthusiast and the enjoyable chats and excellent mixing critiques and feedback. And, dare I say it, the entire judges panel? While I didn’t always agree with all feedback, each time a track was reviewed I got something useful out of it and learned my strengths and weaknesses and was able to improve, It probably helped that I didn’t see them as scary (as some people seem to do) but rather as helpful critical listeners. There are many many more, of course. Once I grew more confident and comfortable I collaborated with a lot of people from the community through the forums and Discord, and each collab was fun, interesting and a great experience. There’s too many to mention here, but know that you have my thanks for joining me on this ride and for being a cool person
    • Just want to throw out there what I think. I don't know the whole story to this, though, I gave good effort on reading up on it. But I could prob do better lol. I also do not know the inner workings of ocremix. So keep that in mind if I say something stupid as you may accuse me of trolling. I think if I were to be 100% real here... Seriously. There is some out of turn entitlement here. All this labor in transparency -in my nutto opinion- is above and beyond, it is not something that I feel should be expected. Perhaps a *few* have a valid case-but I’m just saying that because of my lack of confidence in these happenings. Obviously I am not a lawyer, and it is my understanding that when we submit a remix, we still can do whatever we legally can with it. And with this in mind… I feel that it is none of anyone’s business (save for the owner or owners) what numbers are coming in, how profitable (or unprofitable) ocremix is, how much people are getting paid, etc… 1: You submit a remix to a site… A website in which you have no obligation or right to its expenses, upkeep and future upkeep/continuity… 2: People take time out of their lives to not only judge it, but handle it, organize it, present it, appear to be fair, etc... Last time I checked no one paid anything to download or submit. 3: If the remix gets in, you get free exposure from a base that you didn’t build, and no cost of hosting. Not to mention the structure, moderation and support of the community. Am I missing something? Perhaps this is all a publicity thing to combat bad publicity. I don’t know. I’m just a low tier remixer. An old rusty g string. But this feels weird. Like come on. If ocremix makes a gajilion dollars with billion gajilion dollar exposure, pretty sure you home studio remixer dudes will benefit. I really can’t put my finger on it, like the entitlement to money/fame ratio is messed up here. I can’t put my finger on it, just don’t like the spirit of it. Like we got quincy jones, and Michael jacksons, and timbalands posted here, where their presence is bigger than ocremix. As for the topic of youtube ads… I’ll try and not to rant on that as well… Ads is what pays youtubes bills and content creators… All these expectations for free quality stuff… I say throw ads on it. Throw a bunch of ads on it. Or don’t if it ends up indirectly costing more. There’re other outlets on the site that you can get the music free of ads. A lot of people don’t give a shit or respect the maintenance and labor of whatever they are grabbing for free. And for those who complain about ads, get that ad free youtube subscription thing.
    • really? *insert expletive* I don't want to pay for FF piece by piece. thanks SE.
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