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    • I appreciate that information. We suspected that making sure there is no intended profit was key to keeping things peaceful, but were unsure if there were other particulars.
    • I'm not an expert on this but I usually follow Creative Commons License when it comes to people asking to use my music (Remix or Original). Now if you create your music with no intent for profit, the user of your remix needs to follow this as well. If they plan to use the music in a game meant for profit, it goes against what your license originally intended when you first wrote the piece. This gets even more complex if the company/composer who owns the original rights, allows remixes as long as no profit is made whatsoever unless directly licensed.  In short, you release for free, they must also release their game for free if they use your remix, unless they get explicit permission from the original rights holder (ie: Original company/Composer), then from you. If you release it for legal profit, again they must first get permission from the original rights holder, then from you.  It's all about whether they want to make money.  
    • If I recall correctly, the little opening jingle is part of the main theme (it plays when you hit start), but I wouldn't take points away from anyone if they didn't include it in their remix.
    • I apologize if this thread is ending up in the wrong place, but I wasn't sure where else it would fit. So, a question: is it a legal offense or infringement to use a remix of a video game song in a fan game? I ask because I have this little nowhere YouTube channel for mixes I collaborate on, and someone asked if they could use one of our arrangements in a fan game they are creating. Last I knew, remixes that are not being used commercially are no big deal, but as much as I am flattered by the offer, I am hesitant. So far, all I know is that the individual asking for permission seems to be making a fan game of Freedom Planet (an indie platformer reminiscent of Sonic the Hedgehog, made by Galaxy Trail). Our arrangement is a medley of a song from Freedom Planet and a piece from Sonic Colors. We're waiting for more information from the person. I enjoy the remix, but personally don't really think it is worth putting in a game. More importantly, I'm worried about the ramifications, since fan games seem to be a complicated matter. What should I know about fan games and supplying remixed music to them?  Again, sorry if this thread is misplaced. I appreciate any experienced opinions on the matter.  
    • This arrangement has its fun parts, for sure.  The tail ends have good uses of high-pass filters to secure the rest, there are some well-planned sweeps throughout, and the DnB bass breakdowns are a fun idea.  You've also kept it source-dominant throughout, so that's a plus - however, not a lot of it had gotten played around. You made a start with varying the opening chords with the high pad breakdown at 2:40 and gated pads at 3:33, as well as bringing the central motif onto the piano briefly at 3:23 and 3:55.  But aside from those changes and the different key, there's not a lot done - the melody is presented as-is throughout, with no engaging changes other than a brief instrument swap near the end.  Hence, I have to disagree with prophetik in that the melodic content isn't quite there yet.  There are a lot of ways to vary up the notation  - changed rhythms, grace notes, and pitch glides are the first three ideas that popped up in my head.  Feel free to experiment. And of course, I also noticed that the mixdown feels empty.  Don't get me wrong, though - the current instruments are neat and have the potential to engage the listener deeply.  But a lot of the time, the bass does its sub-work, and then there'd be a gap in the low-mids while pads and melody occupy the upper-mids.  prophetik's idea of additional pads covering that frequency range is a good start, though I feel it'll be appropriate to bring in an e-piano or a similar set of keys.  If you think the soundscape needs to be thicker, layers can work as well - a different tone on the bass or melody transposed respectively up or down an octave could add more power to your palette. As of right now, it's a fun and bouncy romp, but this track needs more done to it to push it over the bar.  Further playing around with the melodies and a thicker soundscape are two things I'd like to hear in a potential future revision.  Please submit again. NO (resubmit)
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