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    • I spoke of feedback "as we're discussing it" in which you open up your work to general critique, which may or may not have particular goals in mind.  In the situation you're talking about, the assessment is demonstrating to the teacher that you have learned what they're teaching you. They may not necessarily even like your piece, and may have made certain subjective changes, but you will still pass because you have learned what they wanted you to. As you've all brought up regarding the importance of feedback you got from the community in the initial stages, it's guided-criticism that "sets you on the right path" that is valuable and not just feedback in general. Traditionally, one finds this in a teacher. If you don't know anything about drawing, but want to learn: You could put your attempts up on deviantart and follow the clues and resources from the constructive-criticisms you get, or you could take art lessons and directly learn what you need to become a proficient artist.
    • I'll concede that feedback isn't technically necessary in a mentorship (which is extremely strange to read), but I still think you're reeeaaally glossing over the importance of feedback.  A "mentorship" in which the mentor isn't observing the mentee's work and giving feedback more fits the description of a generalized teaching course, where a teacher/professor is going down a list and throwing out advice point by point, regardless of whether or not it's pertinent to the student.   At least in my opinion/experience, this isn't the most effective way to help someone learn. The feedback process, to me, is about looking at where someone needs to improve and providing targeted advice to help them learn how to do it.  Yes, personal drive/ambition is obviously important to anyone's progress as an artist, but why undercut feedback as a valuable part of the improvement process?
    • Is an assessment not feedback? In assessing, you are responding to an incoming interaction to provide your thoughts, which, whether opinionated or not, is feedback, no? I don't think feedback is disconnected from mentorship, especially since it should involve communication. @AngelCityOutlaw So, what @Phonetic Hero seems to be referring to is that the mentor is like a teaching assistant, while you seem to be referring to the mentor being like an actual teacher/professor.
    • Maybe you should consider this fully before flying off the handle. To mentor someone is to train them and provide guidance; a teacher. Feedback is simply a response and opinion to something. The former does not actually require the latter. When you take a course, which are offered at points of varying levels of prerequisite knowledge, your job is to learn something you are not yet proficient in. Like, studying music isn't primarily bouncing your latest track off the instructors for opinions on how to improve it. You learn and then practice what you've been taught, and tests (evaluation of your pieces) are to assess whether or not you've actually learned what they've been teaching you
    • I really like it.  The section from around 1:42 on with the added melodic stuff is REALLY cool, but for some constructive criticism, I feel that the hi-hats throw that part off a bit.  I'm trying to find the best way to communicate what I'm hearing.... it's maybe a little too empty?  Like I feel like it could use a quieter, but more steady hi-hat underneath the pattern you are using. The pattern itself is fine I think but it's a little jarring with nothing else going on.  Idk, maybe someone else is hearing what I'm hearing and can describe more accurately.  

      Great remix!  
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