ReMix: ActRaiser "Fillmore Freestyle" 3:22

By MkVaff

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breakbeats edm electronic energetic funky glitching piano synth tempo-fast timesig-4-4
Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: ActRaiser (Enix, 1991, SNES), music by Yuzo Koshiro

Posted 2000-12-19, evaluated by djpretzel

This just in: McVaffe, Quasikaotic, and Jade Gemini are all the same person - MCVAFFE! What a joker (bastard, psycho, genius, prodigy, etc. ^^). This makes Scott our official first female ReMixer, unless she turns out to be a pseudonym for McVaffe too. Man, who knows, perhaps the only two ReMixers on this entire site are me and McVaffe!! Just Kidding, but Jade and Quasi REALLY ARE McVaffe's alter egos, making him in my opinion the undisputed king of videogame ReMixes. All hail the master (no matter how psychologically confused he is!!). This ReMix of the original Actraiser's first stage action music was a long time coming - I really thought someone would have mixed it by now. McVaffe / Quasi does an excellent job, though, with some brilliant breakbeat work including notable stop-starts and beat-chopping tricks that MAKE the track. A definite must-grab from this now-even-more-prolific ReMixer of power.


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on 2014-04-07 02:15:01

This ReMix is a total mind-blower! The awesome beats and stop-starts really get this song pumping! Every time I hear this ReMix I imagine a side-scrolling level in a dark, crystal cave. I also get a sort of Castlevania vibe from the melody. Outstanding work, McVaffe!

I give this ReMix a perfect 10/10!

on 2012-01-30 00:35:06

Wow that was really well made. It's remixes like this that really make you nostalgic. I want another NES :I

SubNormal J3
on 2010-11-15 01:37:18

The glitchy drums are perfect for this mix.

0:40 nice dynamic section

1:00 the underlying piano runs work very well

1:30 cool effects

1:51 love this drum/bass solo and the gated chorals

on 2010-05-28 11:57:34

Good, solid, head-nodding funk.

on 2010-03-30 14:59:08

I'm impressed by the ever-fresh beats

on 2009-03-26 09:57:04

I wish it was a little more in-your-face, but the drum programming, panning, and gating is all top notch and really makes it a great song. Synths all fit together nicely for it to be chill but engaging, and it has plenty of cool ideas to keep things moving along. Great display of skillz here. :-)

on 2008-06-22 14:46:41

This one contrasts quite nicely with djp's take on the same track.

While the former's vision of this was more chill in nature, this one is something that is much closer to dance music. Also, close enough to the source to be recognizable, but with enough liberty taken to claim it as one's own. Good job McVaffe!

on 2007-05-14 01:41:57

Wouldn't have minded something a bit more dynamic overall, but this was nice and chill.

on 2007-04-30 23:07:50

It's a good mix, I like the breakbeat backing, but the the start/stops are a little too dischordant for my tastes. But the overall scheme is well executed, just not my taste in genre.

on 2007-01-28 23:57:30

I've never played ActRaiser, but I have to say that the music rocks. :D

on 2005-10-03 00:26:31

Actraiser is such a great game and this is another great remix by McVaffe. Solid sequencing, tonal balance, and superior mastering. It doesn't vary a whole lot from the original but, that's ok by me. Thumbs up, my man; I wouldn't change a thing.

on 2005-09-19 03:49:08

An old classic. I've had this for ages and listened to it so many times, but it still manages to be interesting. I think this is the motivation that got me into playing Actraiser actually- great game, an early representation of the RTS genre. Though very bare bones, it was still fun and broke up the action levels, and vice versa.

Right, the mix. McVaffe is the god of percussion solos- you simply can't find anything else like it here. The choir solo being the highlight here, is simply awesome. The chopped up places in the song are a great touch. You just can't go wrong with this man.

Marcel de la Jartele
on 2005-05-31 02:32:31

This remix is really impressive !

I love it, it sounds really amazing, awesome, the original theme is wonderful and I'm crazy about the arrangement ^__^

Zenth Relin
on 2005-02-14 10:51:51
I loved loved loved the pauses.
on 2005-01-12 13:34:41

Pleasant beats "Funky/Junky"! The melody is amused with this arrangement. Simple work, with much talent...

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Primary Game:
ActRaiser (Enix, 1991, SNES)
Music by Yuzo Koshiro

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Energetic, Funky
Breakbeats, Electronic, Piano, Synth
Effects > Glitching
Time > 4/4 Time Signature
Time > Tempo: Fast

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