ReMix: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 'Launchface GO!'

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Sonic the Hedgehog 3

All Jivemaster ReMixes come with Surgeon Pretzel's warning: Likely to cause infectious butt-moving and admiration of Jive's formidable technodance capabilities. Jivemaster's legacy of great Sonic ReMixes is turning into a full-fledged dynasty - way I figure, it's not too long before Sonic Team tracks him down and hires him ^^ This ReMix of Sonic 3's final stage is tres groovy, with a flanged heavy-hitting drum track, phat low-end synths, some cool megafilter breaks, and a kickin' bass solo that sits on the same note then riffs up and down at about 2'16". The variety of textures taking up the low end here is really impressive - in addition to slightly reverbed mini-moog style bass there's a detuned-saw wave type synth playing double duty as bass number 2. Jivemaster strikes again.


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SubNormal J3
on 2011-02-20 23:07:05
Right from the start, this sets out a sweet beat with a killer baseline that doesnt stop. Lots of cool syncopation going on here with the various synths and samples. Nice solo section at 2:15. 2:28 awesome drum entrance and synth filtering.
on 2009-09-28 00:50:02
The samples are kinda bleh in this song. The arrangement is fairly static as well...and with the bass heavy emphasis, Im not a fan of the whole package.
Level 99
on 2009-09-26 10:42:10
This mix sounds overall great. The snare really doesnt get my goat going like I would have wanted: something about the lack of "pop" and extra reverb feels weird, but besides that I love what you did here. After a little while I feel like some stereo-play would have been good, cause it starts to sound really mono-reliant. You chose the synths very well though. Overall, I think it would fit very comfortably into a sonic soundtrack.:-o
on 2009-01-15 03:01:28
I like the use of the sound effects from the game ("GO!"). Certainly brings back memories. Also liked the snares and drums, really keep the pace nice and upbeat. Not too wild about the synths, but theyre faithful to the original track. Good job overall!
on 2008-12-08 21:52:38

I dont really like how there isnt much of an intro; its like "Wham!" then music.
Its also too "white noise"-y for me.

Its does have an interesting techno beat to it though.
It improves on the original but doesnt expand on it, which is one of the negative aspects of this mix.
on 2008-08-31 15:49:01
'ZaronX' wrote: Has a Jazz Jackrabbity feel to it. Which is good, IMO. In any case, Bravo.

How creepy that I just reviewed the sole Jazz Jackrabbit song on this site (posted way after this comment was posted, also). Weird.

The song is a bit too...buzzy for me. I feel like theres a coin on my desk thats being rattled by the bass, the entire time. Its annoying, honestly, after too long.

From previous reviews, the mix is apparently an improvement from the original, but its nothing that I would go out of my way to listen to. Improving on a source can only go so far. Nothing it really bad that I can pinpoint, it just doesnt hold my attention overall.
on 2006-12-29 11:47:22
I like the drums and the synths, but am not really digging the bass sound. Actually, the production is really nice on this, but the song itself seems meh to me. I think its just the source tune.
After listening to the original, I am appreciating this mix a lot more, as it improves greatly upon the source, though it still isnt a favorite.
on 2005-07-23 04:46:15
Has a Jazz Jackrabbity feel to it. Which is good, IMO. In any case, Bravo.
on 2005-01-24 04:40:37
I don´t appreciate the begin in 00:15. One damaged melody. However the percussion is good. No comment more.
on 2003-06-11 19:42:47
Infectious butt moving?
on 2003-05-12 13:22:11
Groovy rhythm, good beats, almost sounds like th original. A excellent remix, must-have for Sonic fans!
on 2003-02-15 21:15:49
I LOVE THIS SONG. Its definitely better than MY take of the song, so, mad props Jive. I love the heaviness of the song :D
on 2002-05-22 00:26:32
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Launchface GO!

Oooh, another bass and beat heavy Jivemaster tune, are all his tunes this cool? Okay, Im not a big fan of this particular mix, but I think thats the original song at work there, Jivemaster does a high quality mix of this tune with a buzzy bass sample and some interesting percussion. If youre a fan of Jivemaster then grab this tune.