ReMix: Silent Hill 2 'There Was a Hole Here'

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Silent Hill 2

The Wingless wanted me to credit this as an XBOX ReMix, and it would be our first, but Silent Hill 2 was already associated with the PS2 in our database. So I figured I'd at least mention it . . . uhh . . . this is an XBOX ReMix! Just ignore that 'Playstation 2' up there, it's only your imagination :) Melancholy, piano-centric arrangement, with a very nice brush kit on drums and some excellent panning on the piano - don't know what piano patch J.A. uses, but it's a good one. String pads are nice too - the solo cello is exposed, and is not of the calibre that the piano is in terms of quality (with the strings, it's often the vibrato that's a problem), but it's a nice addition compositionally. There's some interesting key changes and things fluctuate from sort of a late-night murder mystery feel (i.e. spooky and reserved) to more frantic "someone . . . something, is chasin' my ass". Dig the pitch bend on the choir sample as well (reminds me of the intro to Beetlejuice, which is still one of Elfman's finest achievements and would make a kickass marching band opener) Atmospheric stuff from The Wingless, evocative of the gruesome and ominous aura Konami consistently injects into the SH series with the capable help of Akira Yamaoka.


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on 2009-12-24 23:12:58
This mix does wonderful things. It presents an atmosphere devoid of anything without the mix feeling empty itself. The atmosphere is so relaxingly cold and simply beautiful I can picture some forgotten snowbank somewhere perhaps in forgotten Chernobyl. It does an a mind blowingly good job of doing what it was intended to do. This the song of emptiness, this is the song of nothingness, this is the song of desolation. Go check it out because this is just sheer amazing.
on 2009-07-29 09:08:47
Great job, sounds great.
on 2009-05-25 08:01:58
Takes my breath away when l listen to this. You never seem to disappoint:razz:

Good work.
on 2009-03-18 10:00:09
Some nice details keep this from being too empty, like the choir pitchbend and the cell counter melody, as well as the several keychanges. Its interesting how just the modulation changes the mood in not-so subtle ways, but the fact that it is almost all about the piano keep the intimate mood. What this sounds like is an excellent soundtrack to a very serious conversation. As the conversation progresses, there is tension, but moments of respite as well. Very subtle work, but it is both grandiose and immediate.

I initially thought this one was a little bland, but looking closer, theres a lot more to it. Give this one a few listens.
on 2007-03-30 18:07:11
The piano arrangement is really lovely. But I cant get over all the accompanying parts, wishing there were less of them or that they were better sounding. Plus I wish the piano sounded better. Obviously that would sound better live, and Ive already experienced a touch of that what with the Youtube video(s) out that play this ReMix on the piano! IMO, this is only the start of what could be a masterpiece.
on 2005-09-11 19:22:44
To be honest, I havent heard the original version of this song, and right now, I dont really mind. This piece is beautifully done (although I do admit I love pure instrumental sounds a lot more than what a reasonable amount would be) and it does remind me of the Silent Hill series in general, a sort of strange, empty feeling, but this one seems a lot more prettier, a bit less scary.

Not like thats a bad thing, but I suppose the chords arent really so scary, somehow. I like this piece, its nice to work to, its not too interruptive to trains of thought, as other music can be.
on 2005-09-11 07:28:25
I cant sleep...and here I am in the review forums for some reason.

So anyway, this is the remix Ive been listening to tonight. I really love the True theme, along with just about every other song from the Silent Hill series...but this is by far my favorite.

That being said, this mix really does capture the soul from the events transpiring when that song was playing in the video game. I know this mix is a bit old now, and some things that were alright when it first came out come off a little more dated and cheesy (the choir just a bit, and the really simple drums)...But a lot can be said about keeping everything really simple in terms of focusing on whats the most important, which in this case, is the piano..(and even though the sample seems really bare bones, it still comes off as rather realistic)

The way the other instruments accompany it is just right as well...And I love the key changes, and the silent pauses between new phrases in the song.

But my favorite part of this song is most definately the very ending from 4:00 on...and especially the notes at 4:15, 4:25, and 4:33 (and here I wish this chord progression could have been drawn out just a little more somehow...but ah well)

Anyway, maybe now I can rest. heheh
on 2005-09-08 23:04:42
I absolutly love this song. Its so pretty and I love the pacing. How in some parts it sounds almost sad and others it sounds happy and hopeful. I was also going to comment on another one of your songs which I have heard before but can not find on here. Its called "In the Dollhouse". Its such a beautiful remix of "Not Tomorrow" from Silent Hill 1. Do you have it posted anywhere. It is really difficult to find.
on 2005-06-28 21:24:08
Silent Hill music is awesome and this is a pretty good remix. Its just sad that the strings, drums & choir volumes are to low, mabye just do a quick remaster on that and update? Eather way its a good listen
on 2004-10-05 13:11:19
I liked this one a lot. The piano "soloing" and the overall atmosphere was very beautiful. Id give the song 8 points out of 10. If the instruments sounded a bit more real, this would deserve 9 points. The strings, especially, sounded too "MIDI" for me. A little reverb wouldnt hurt.

Nevertheless, GREAT JOB.
on 2003-08-19 15:55:59
This is a remix of the track "True" from the SH2 OST, track 24.

This remix is not too terribly unlike the original. Wingless adds some piano
embelishment and strings that were not in the original. The soft choral
sounds also are not found in the original.

I *heart* the SH2 ost.
on 2003-08-19 03:28:45
i really like this remix too. What is the original called tho? I would like to hear what that sounds like.
on 2003-07-27 22:29:18
Although I have never played Silent Hill 2, I have listened to the soundtrack many, many times, and am a big fan of the original version of this song.

I was excited when I first downloaded this. Probably my favorite overall remixer on the site doing one of my favorite pieces from a game with great music? Its a cant miss situation. As always, The Wingless didnt disappoint. Im not sure whether I like it better than the original version, but its still an excellent remix. Nice and relaxing.

Second class recommendation.
on 2002-10-30 21:14:38
The variation of the piano sounds so much cooler to me now that I compare pieces. I like the extension by itself when used in this mix, but I think the strings in the original compliment the original piano to make it sound better. But if I whistle just the piano, I like it better when this versions is whistled.

As for the rest, just nice to listen to. No ear grating, dont remember any wrong notes (havent listened to this recently actually), and might encourage you to get the game! Or listen to its other music, and the winglesss other music. Because you must!
on 2002-09-04 19:55:38
This ReMix has some interesting variations an a theme, but too often its just that and not more. It just cribs a little too heavily from the original for my liking. It does also repeat itself for a little too long.

On the upside, the production is excellent. Still very similar to the original, but just a little more of everything. Slightly softer and slower, it seems less tense - this is the theme as James looks back from a few years in the future; not the original where the pain was right there. The drums seem perfectly in place to me. I agree with Wingless that had they been any further forward it would have detracted from what he was trying to accomplish.