ReMix: Magical Drop III "Enigmatic Lunacy" 2:28

By Wesley Hopper

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Arranging the music of one song...

"KI•MA•GU•RE (Moon)"

Primary Game: Magical Drop III (Data East, 1997, NG), music by Gamadelic, Hiroaki Yoshida, Masaaki Iwasaki, SIN, Tatsuya Kiuchi

Posted 2002-09-03, evaluated by djpretzel

Alright! Good to see some Neo-Geo action going on! I plan on getting around to some of my favorite MVS classics some day, but in the meantime I love seeing others cover this system's sleeper hits and 2d graphics powerhouses. Magical Drop 3 would fall into the former category, at least here in the States, as would its predecessors (games of the Bust-a-Move / Tetris variety, if you're curious, and fun ones at that). Wesley Hopper submits his first ReMix, a tasty upbeat techno MD3 piece with some nice dance piano chords, a slammin' electro-acoustic drum pattern, and a very healthy variety of synth flavors, some not so common. There's some great sound FX work at 1'30" including a well-timed "Jaa, ne" vocal sample that fits in perfectly. At two and a half minutes, this could have been longer and have featured an extended synth solo and I wouldn't have been complainin', but as it stands it's a peppy, brief, sugary techno gem that definitely comes recommended, as does the game itself and most Neo-Geo games in fact (just stay away from Legend of Success Joe and the Quiz and Mah Jong games ^^). Cool.


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on 2010-07-23 02:02:58

Another one of those highly energetic dance mixes that pad out the OCR library. Nothing glaringly wrong with it, and not all that much exceptional about it either. Very fun and bubblegummy, but anyone after a fulfulling or exhilirating track probably wont find it with this.

The source seems like a perfect choice for remixing and the style its done in, and I thought the game samples were used sparingly enough that they added a nice charm.

It's well-made, it's ear-pleasing, but it's also familiar territory. Not all mixes need to be historic, and this proves that. It's good despite not being great.

Pachi Risu
on 2009-11-23 18:05:14

Good Remix. Kudos.

on 2008-02-29 16:19:59

I'm not feeling the vocal samples, but they don't really detract from an otherwise fun mix.

I love these piano-driven dance tracks, and this one is produced pretty well. I wish the lead synth had a slightly stronger attack, but as is, it's still decent. Great work keeping things interesting throughout, I like this one, super cheerful and energetic.

on 2005-10-03 23:23:50

From a catchy tune to a pulsing finish, this remix is an excellent example of any mix made from any Magical Drop game. The slight echo and sounds of character speech and dissapearing balls was something that would attract anyone who had played the game, or even not. The pace set by the phrases just kept a hold of you througnout the whole thing. I only wish that it were longer and had much more side elements to co-star with the already great melodies. Having a breaking base would be for the best.

Final Grade: 7.5 out of 10

Uberwulf X
on 2005-09-11 17:44:28

great way to interpret the moon stage. this is one of my favorites, for sure. any chance at all of pulling of death or world?

on 2003-10-07 23:37:36

good remix!

on 2003-07-10 23:41:13

I loved Magical Drop and I loved this. Fer me, da voice samples totally made this. That and that part where ya hear da spheres flying and breaking and stuff. great stuff.

No Emperor quotes? No love fer Emperor? I weep for that flamboyant man. Hee hee.

on 2002-12-20 00:53:49

You know a mix is good when it makes you want to play the game it's from. This song makes me want to go out and buy a NeoGeo and this game. Love the upbeat feel and FX involved. You can't just stay still when you listen to all that goes on in this mix. Well done, Wesley Hopper. Anyone know where I can find a rom?

on 2002-09-06 00:21:36
Moon is the best character -ever-. ~starla

Actually, the best character is Temperance. She's so damn cute.

Of course, World isn't bad either. Love the sanjiyan.... ^_^


on 2002-09-05 11:28:24

Ok i been trying to post on this topic.. something was wrong with connection. Anyway:

Ok, High quality sounds, Great Arrangement, and Good/decent production value. And I also like the implemented game sounds/voices.

I thought the piano chord was a bit repeatative, but it was ok for this type of mix. Could have used more variation in the mix, but ok.

Good listen!

on 2002-09-05 07:11:27

Moon is the best character -ever-. this game is incredible ... and now we have a good remix to honor its name. =]

thank you for not creating an atrocity. this goes up there with the best.


on 2002-09-05 02:48:54

Forgot to mention something, if you want to hear the true voice samples when you play the game, set the region to Japanese. For some reason Data East put some annoying generic dude in for the voices in the American version instead of the ultra cool ones.

*song continues to kick ass*

on 2002-09-04 23:34:33


Are they from the game? WAY COOL!!!!!!!! They fit so well!

on 2002-09-04 01:24:57

It pleases me to no end to see a Neo-Geo remix up after the all too long dry spell. The fact that its Magical Drop 3 is even better, since the music was great and pretty much tailor made for remixing (would kill to hear the final boss music remixed). ;) I really hope to see more in the future (Samurai Shodown, KOF, Fatal Fury, Last Blade, Metal Slug, and Waku Waku 7 anyone?).

The remix is quite nice. Not the best I've heard, but a very good job nonetheless.

The comment by DJP to avoid Legend of Success Joe is wise indeed.

on 2002-09-03 23:07:21

This Mix recieves the...


Chef Kawasaki Award of Excellence!

Good Work Wesley Hopper!

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Primary Game:
Magical Drop III (Data East, 1997, NG)
Music by Gamadelic, Hiroaki Yoshida, Masaaki Iwasaki, SIN, Tatsuya Kiuchi
"KI•MA•GU•RE (Moon)"

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