ReMix: Final Fantasy VI 'Deserted Industry'

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Final Fantasy VI

ALRIGHT - Beatdrop himself believes this to be his best work yet, which is saying quite a bundle, so let's take a closer look. This is extremely aggressive techno-industrial coverage of the Veldt theme (see Dale's more ethnic / world music take for a point of reference) - right from the very beginning, you know this ain't gonna be "easy" listening, as a rude synth belch/drone starts things off with crystalline analog percussion on top. Then the heavy, edgy drums enter along with an undulating low-end sawtooth pattern. VERY heavy I should say - the downbeat is at times devastating. Things break by ducking under a filter, then we re-enter with some great drum programming at 1'41" for the C section of the piece. Definitely a Middle Eastern influence on the original melody, which pairs up very interestingly with the heavy stylings Dain's poured on generously. I love where he's taken the theme, personally - it's imaginative, and he obviously went overboard to ensure this ReMix was chock full' o in-yer-face texture. The little solo at 1'41" had to be my favorite part - evocative of some sort of secret, demonic ritual. Only some KMFDM fans showed up and got in on the action :) Ending is full-circle back to the intro synth fx, which works well enough. Not for the faint of heart (or ear) but for those looking for some more aggressive coverage of Squaresoft music, look no further. Recommended.


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on 2011-03-28 19:52:13
I absolutely love 01:41. It sounds like some epic bad-ass sun is rising up, frantically heating up the earth and looking condescendingly on its inhabitants.
on 2010-02-17 14:32:42
I love this. The steady beat, the harsh intro. I especially enjoy how this makes it feel like the whole room is shaking with my speakers. (Making it the perfect song to see if that subwoofer is actually working.)

I especially like how it ends at a point so its easy to loop this... This will definitely keep you awake.
on 2009-12-04 15:44:42
Very cool processing on this, but I feel like the percussion is way too present on this one, and the melodic and harmonic aspects arent emphasized enough. Theres no clipping, but everything is treated to be way distorted, and that covers up a bit of the tone.

otherwise decent, and of course its well put-together, but not quite my style.
on 2009-10-01 14:06:04
killer mix. I cant help but go back to this song over and over and listening to it two or three times over. Love the percussion and the unique spin on a great little tune.
on 2006-06-30 12:53:50
WOW F*CK, the beggining scared the living sh*t out of me. Awesome mix. I can feel the emotion layed into this. Yet another masterpiece. I see no amateurs here.
on 2005-10-07 12:25:24
Its not my style, but Im digging this mix. Its quite hardcore. I dont hear any clipping, and that one place where it faded out and came back made me blink, nice surprise there. Yeah, its dirty and weird, but thats what The Veldt is all about.

Nice job Beatdrop.

EDIT: I take back the first sentence of my last post. This is DEFINITELY my style. Awesome mix Beatdrop.
on 2005-10-07 11:51:52
'Jack the Ripper' wrote: A great take on a FF track, and a rare bird, being among its standard melodic trance brethren.

Dude, that was deep.

Ok, this sounded actually a little dirty. With all those machine techno, it feels like you get covered with oil and dust, but you don´t, and that´s a positive thingie.
The Veldt theme is great, but I don´t think that BD did it GREATER, he gave it a haircut, a facelift and a whole new style, but he kept a piece of that desert feel this track has together with that catchy melody. I digged the instruments, at some times they sounded to fuzzy, but they did better later on.

Great piece, beatdude.
Jack the Ripper
on 2005-10-06 15:17:23
Just heard this on ormgas, and I must say that I am somewhat impressed. A great take on a FF track, and a rare bird, being among its standard melodic trance brethren.
on 2005-07-29 00:43:15
'StarBLaSt' wrote: You know, normally i really dont dig this style of music. The thing is, beatdrops stuff is just easily accessable to people like me. He sorta "bridges the gap" between genres to create something not quite totally industrial and not quite anything else either. Its his own style, its BeatDrop. And I LOVE it. This piece is no exception. I wouldnt necessarily say this is my favorite piece of his, but technicially you can see BeatDrop is becoming even more adept at his craft. Great job on this, loved the fusion of industrial elements. You gotta teach me how to make percussion sound like that one of these days :D

For the record, i didnt mean a word of that. This song blows.

Just thought i should put that right.
on 2005-02-28 21:45:24
Great job beatdrop. Ive downloaded all your stuff. You are among my favorite remixers. Youre up there with Supergreenx, Rayza, Jivemaster, and FFmusicDJ. Another outstanding piece of work we got here.
on 2005-02-28 21:24:36
This is awsome!!!
Its hard to find good hard driven techno these days.
I really like what you did with the veldt theme.
Keep em comen
Red Shadow
on 2005-02-04 16:15:37
I cant believe i waited this long to start downloading everything on the site.

This mix just reaffirms my conviction that BeatDrop is one of the gods of all musical interpretation.
Red Light District
on 2004-11-12 11:14:57
beatdrop is actually my favorite remixer- and if you listen this song youd know why. Its edgy, loud, spontaneous

its great :wink:
on 2004-11-11 20:49:40
LOVE this remix; its just so badass and stuff. It reminds me of Nine Inch Nails (the only frame of reference I have for this song, really). I keep wanting to call it "CloserToKefka" or something, hehe.
on 2004-10-09 14:43:11
this song has grown on me..

First couple times I played it i thought it was too obnoxious at the start. Those first 8 seconds still give me weird feelings... like I should NOT like this song.. then it gets into the beat and Im hooked!! I LOVE IT!!! its very unique.. I recommend this song! :P :D